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Facebook refuses to ban fake news

In an increasingly connected world, the proliferation of fake news is one problem that's not easy to solve. With billions having instant access to social media...
Happening Now July 16, 2018

Fake news trips up Americans in new study

 Fake news was a big issue in the past presidential election, with accusations flying of attempts to influence voting by using made-up news...
Happening Now June 20, 2018

Fake news backlash? Fewer use Facebook for news

Facebook began as a place to post profiles and connect with people at specific universities. It grew into so much more, and recently Facebook...
Happening Now June 14, 2018

Facebook promises fail: Site can't control fake news and viral lies after Sante Fe school shooting

One of the best parts about the internet age, especially now with social media sites, is that information can be distributed quickly and broadly....
Happening Now May 21, 2018

Find out if you liked a Facebook page that was operated by Russian trolls

Even two years later, we all remember the 2016 political season. Maybe not for the campaigns or even about the results, but because of...
Happening Now May 13, 2018

Did you see this mystery Facebook glitch?

Once a shining star in the social media world, Facebook has hit a rough patch that it is still trying to recover from. Just...
Happening Now May 2, 2018

Facebook's plan to fight election interference

Facebook has really been under fire lately. It started a couple weeks ago with the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook fiasco. Many people are super annoyed with...
Happening Now April 1, 2018

Is Google really preventing you from getting the best travel deals?

When you're searching for the best travel deals you're likely to go to Google first. But recent allegations put Google under fire for preventing...
Happening Now December 30, 2017

This new Facebook tool can tell if you fell for Russian propaganda

We’re bombarded with all kinds of news and it's not always clear whether we can trust the source or if it's simply fake news....
Happening Now December 27, 2017

Facebook launches new security feature you need to use now

We all use Facebook to connect with our friends and family. Unfortunately cybercriminals use Facebook to scam us. Wouldn't it be ideal if we...
Happening Now December 26, 2017

Watch out for these Texas shooting hoaxes and rumors

On Sunday, another horrific tragedy struck the nation as a man attacked a church in South Texas, killing 26 people. Unfortunately, internet trolls and...
Happening Now November 6, 2017

Las Vegas Shooting - Online trolls name wrong man as shooter

Have you been paying attention to the horrific news out of Las Vegas, NV? A gunman opened fire during a country music festival with...
Happening Now October 2, 2017

New way to check for "Fake News"

Fake news is one of the scourges of our increasingly connected world. With billions having instant access to social media sites and the web,...
Happening Now September 20, 2017

Beware of fake Hurricane Irma forecasts

The country is still reeling from the devastation brought on by Hurricane Harvey. Now, another major storm is headed our way. Unfortunately, fake Hurricane...
Happening Now September 5, 2017

5 ways people are getting scammed online

Between phishing scams, spyware, ransomware and the like, there are already tons of threats out there. But now there are other ways people are...
Tips May 13, 2017

Sham Facebook accounts are a growing concern

Nearly 2 billion people use Facebook every month. That's a lot! But several of those accounts aren't real accounts at all. They're facades designed...
Happening Now April 16, 2017

Sony's social media hack leads to embarrassing blunder

I warn you all the time about locking down the security settings on your online accounts. Sony learned about weak security the hard way....
Happening Now December 27, 2016

Facebook's serious fake news problem takes a major twist

I've warned you about Facebook's unreliable news stories before. They pop up in your News Feed, posing as legitimate stories, when they're actually misleading...
Happening Now November 21, 2016

Top Story: Fake Facebook posts misleading millions

Tons of stories pop up in your Facebook News Feed every day. Can you tell which are true and which are fakes? It's not...
Happening Now November 19, 2016

What’s fake on the internet: election edition

A new hashtag blows up. A narcissistic presidential decree turns out to be fiction. A frightening donation was never actually made. The final weeks...
Happening Now October 23, 2016


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