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Hiring or looking for a job? Upgrade your LinkedIn profile to stand out

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Presented by LinkedIn

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When most people find themselves unemployed or are looking for a career change, they head to a job board. But have you heard of LinkedIn? It’s a social media platform with a twist. It’s not for everyday life, but rather, social media for your career.

LinkedIn also offers great options for those looking to hire employees who don’t want to wait for a sea of faceless applications to pour into their inboxes. The site offers prospective employees unique ways to stand out from the crowd. At the same time, offering companies a fresh way to look for new talent. Tap or click here for 5 smart things you should be doing with your LinkedIn profile.

The pandemic has caused unemployment rates to rise. Job seekers are now looking for a way to outshine their competition, while those looking to hire want to make sure they are really getting a good fit when hiring with limited resources. Let’s take a look at ways to make your profile stand out.

Add a video to your profile, for a personal touch

LinkedIn recently added a new feature to highlight your skills: personal video. Commercial videos and advertisements have become increasingly popular in today’s social media climate, and now you can add one to your LinkedIn profile as well.

Everyone has a story that leads them to their career path, and now you can highlight yours. With this new feature, you can add a Cover Story to showcase your specific skills and background while highlighting your personality at the same time.

Other enhancements are heading your way for the video feature, with captioning capabilities coming soon. If you are looking for a job, this new video feature is a great way to shine against your competition.

If you are looking to hire someone, this feature allows you to get a personal look into prospective employees’ lives, something you don’t get with just a resume.

Hiring? Stand out as a company

LinkedIn isn’t just great for job seekers. It’s the premier platform for companies to find qualified candidates fast. In fact, it’s the platform we use to find new talent.

But, with a fierce market out there, how do you stand out as a company? There are a few things you can do to stand apart from other employers looking to poach your next star employee.

  • Have a strong profile picture and mission statement – Your profile picture and banner are the first things people see. Prospective applicants are more likely to apply if you have a professional-looking profile picture and banner.
  • Have a detailed “about us” section – Be sure to answer basic questions like, where are you based, what do you offer, what are your values?
  • Post meaningful content highlighting your brand – Keep it light-hearted and entertaining to draw prospective employees’ eyes.
  • Create a showcase page – This allows you to keep a LinkedIn-style blog, where you highlight your brand, daily.

If you are looking for a career change or hiring, LinkedIn is the place for all your professional needs. Are you a company looking to find prospective candidates on LinkedIn? Tap or click here for more information.

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