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Tech 101: How to record your computer screen

Sharing your screen can revolutionize video meetings. Whether on Zoom, Google Meet or Skype, you can use many features to enhance your experience. Tap or click here for five pro tips for making the most out of video conferences.

Sometimes, you and your teammates work in different time zones, and a real-time meeting isn’t possible. That’s why recording your screen can do a world of good. You can record lectures, meetings, gaming sessions and more.

Recording your computer screen isn’t as difficult as you may think. That’s because many computers and devices have built-in tools for this purpose. Just follow these easy steps.

How to record your screen on Windows 10 and Windows 11

Windows computers come with a screen recording feature called Xbox Game Bar. Although it’s designed for gamers, it works for various purposes. You can record yourself in almost any Windows app, so it’s ideal for anything you need to record on Microsoft Office.

Here’s how to enable Xbox Game Bar:

  • Tap the Windows icon in the lower-left corner of your screen.
  • Select Settings. (It looks like a gear icon.)
  • In the Settings search section, type Enable Xbox Game Bar and tap it when it appears.
  • Slide the toggle under Xbox Game Bar to the right to enable it.

Here are the steps you need to follow to capture your screen on video:

  • After opening the app you want to record in, open the Game Bar dialog by hitting the Windows Key and G simultaneously.
  • You might get a box that pops up and asks if you want to open the Game Bar. Even if you aren’t recording a game, check the box that says, “Yes, this is a game.”
  • This opens the recording program window. Now you’re good to start recording. Just hit the Start recording button. (Or press Win + Alt + R.)
  • To stop it, just hit the red stop button. You can also hit Win + G for the same result.

If you want to talk in your recording, you can use Xbox Game Bar. Do this by pressing the microphone button in the top right hand of the screen under capture status.

When you are done recording and want to view your recordings, you can do so in a folder called Captures. This is your computer’s video folder. If you can’t find it, open up Xbox Game Bar and press Show All Captures to find your videos.

How to record your screen on a Mac computer

You can record in a snap by using the Screenshot player. Just hit Shift + Command + 5 to record the whole screen. You can also select a portion of the screen to record if you want to leave everything else out.

Pressing these three keys together opens onscreen controls, like stop and play. You can also use this toolbar to capture a still image.

It’s easy on a Dell computer, too

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