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3 smart ways to boost cell signals inside your home

Ironically, many people struggle with poor signals inside their homes. Your house, which used to be the only reliable place you could make a...
Columns August 18, 2018

Are people seeing your text messages?

People have love/hate relationships with messaging Read Receipts. If you're not familiar with them, they're those little alerts below messages that indicate that they...
Tips July 31, 2018

Fake news backlash? Fewer use Facebook for news

Facebook began as a place to post profiles and connect with people at specific universities. It grew into so much more, and recently Facebook...
Happening Now June 14, 2018

Scam Alert! Do not update this App

The more popular websites and apps become, the bigger targets they are for criminals. Which makes sense if you think about it. Scamming victims...
Happening Now April 20, 2018

How to spot fake Android apps in the Play Store

We rely on Google Play and the Apple App Store to protect us from malicious and fake apps. Official app stores have vetting systems...
Tips April 5, 2018

Not again - newly discovered Apple flaw could freeze your iPhone

Living in a digital world can be frightening with all of the cybercriminals out there. Data breaches, phishing attacks, and ransomware are just a...
Happening Now February 15, 2018

How you can tell when someone is seeing your text messages

Have you ever sent a text without getting a reply? It happens to us all, and it's frustrating. But what if you could tell...
Tips December 29, 2017

Fake malware apps on the rise. How to spot and delete them

When it comes to app safety, we always recommend the official app stores for your mobile gadgets. But sometimes, a sneaky developer finds a...
Happening Now December 13, 2017

Check your phone! Sneaky adware app downloaded over 1 million times

We love free apps to help us communicate with our friends across the globe without requiring a cellular connection. But sneaky developers are hijacking...
Happening Now November 7, 2017

Scammers stealing users' banking info from popular messaging app

You've just received a notice that you need to pay up for one of your favorite apps. It looks legitimate, but before you do...
Happening Now July 17, 2017

Latest scam tricks users into paying for free service

With so many online accounts and apps, it's hard to keep track of your monthly subscriptions. A new scam is making the rounds, and...
Happening Now June 1, 2017

Popular messaging app users could have been hacked with a single photo

More than 1 billion people use this app to send private communications. Probably because the app promises that the messages will be encrypted. But...
Happening Now March 16, 2017

Check your security settings before you send another private message

One of the most popular messaging apps out there is often criticized for weak security. Now, the app's developers have added a feature that...
Happening Now February 13, 2017

Top Story: Watch out! Free internet scam spreading through messaging app

Most apps are free, but you still have to pay to use them. I'm talking about the cost of your internet service or cellular...
Happening Now January 8, 2017

Messaging app scam fools people into clicking by threatening to charge per message

How would you react if you were told a free service you love was about to start charging? You'd probably be upset and want...
Happening Now January 6, 2017

Top Story: Corrupt Excel files opening door for hackers to steal your bank details

I use Excel all the time for work, so this is really concerning! Hackers have found a way to steal your financial information by...
Happening Now January 3, 2017

MORE privacy concerns for popular messaging app

Facebook has been scrutinized over its privacy issues, but now it's getting even worse. A popular messaging app recently updated its privacy policy, and...
Happening Now October 1, 2016

Stop this app from sharing your data with Facebook before it's too late

Facebook has been scrutinized over its privacy issues, but now it's getting even worse. A popular messaging app has just updated its privacy policy,...
Happening Now August 29, 2016

WhatsApp just ended subscription fees

If you use your smartphone to communicate a lot, or you have a family member who's in their teens or 20s, you're familiar with...
Happening Now January 18, 2016

Another messaging app was blocked because of terrorism

It seems that every week there's another terrorist attack. That may include yesterday's horrific attack in San Bernardino, California. And it definitely includes the...
Happening Now December 3, 2015
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