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Breach! Walmart exposed personal data of 1.3 million U.S. shoppers

Keeping your personal information out of the hands of criminals is hard enough these days. But we can't give up. It's important to take...
Happening Now March 19, 2018

3 easy ways to modernize your old videotapes

If your most cherished family memories are stored away on old VHS tapes, you need to act now. As time passes, videotapes lose their...
Columns March 19, 2018

Amazon Prime memberships now 54% lower for some people

Amazon is one the most popular online retailers in the world. People just seem to love shopping with the online retail giant. Whether it's...
Happening Now March 11, 2018

eBook competition heating up, great news for consumers!

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes. There's nothing better than unwinding at the end of the day and losing yourself in a good...
Happening Now January 29, 2018

Get cash back without even trying when buying gifts this year

Cash back. Those two words should be music to your ears. You’re going to shop anyway, so you might as well be rewarded for...
Tips December 12, 2017

Walmart vs. Amazon, who’s cheaper?

Price wars are heating up between two retail giants. Both Walmart and Amazon had humble beginnings but things sure have changed and they are...
Happening Now November 28, 2017

Before you shop at Walmart this holiday season, you must know this trick

Online shopping is one of the best things to do on the internet. So many people take advantage of the convenience, it's turned into...
Happening Now November 15, 2017

Walmart jump starts holiday shopping season with over 300 exclusive toys

My, how fast the year has gone! We're rounding the corner, entering the holiday shopping season. And, this year, Walmart is getting a head...
Happening Now September 9, 2017

5 best places to find Back to School deals

Who doesn't love saving money? Well, it's back-to-school season, which is one of the biggest shopping times of the year. I'm always looking for...
Tips August 11, 2017

Get Amazon Prime membership cheaper than you’re probably paying now

Do you have Amazon Prime or are you thinking of getting an account? This service is used by millions of people, but did you...
Happening Now June 7, 2017

Get home deliveries from Walmart

One of the biggest advantages Amazon has over Walmart is front door delivery. But Walmart is trying to change that with its new home...
Happening Now June 4, 2017

Amazon vs. Walmart - Who’s cheaper?

Walmart started off as a humble store in rural Arkansas. Amazon started as a quaint online bookshop based in Seattle. My, how things have...
Tips March 4, 2017

Amazon and Walmart go head to head - Which has the best free shipping option?

When two of the world's largest retailers start battling for business, consumers are the ones who benefit. In response to Walmart's recent deal for...
Happening Now February 22, 2017

Watch out Amazon! There’s a new way to get free TV shows and movies

Right now, Amazon Video, Netflix and HBO Now are top contenders for online streaming. But the monthly subscription fees are a major downside. Wouldn't...
Happening Now October 19, 2016

Jobs at risk! Retailers replacing employees with tech

Are certain jobs at risk of extinction? Finding part-time work to make ends meet may soon be tougher than ever. That's because retailers are...
Happening Now September 25, 2016

Convert old VHS tapes into DVDs without lifting a finger

Instead of using a slide projector to display your vacation photos onto your living room wall, nowadays people just post the photos onto their...
Cool Sites August 24, 2016

Top Story: Get the best deals on Amazon Prime Day!

Amazon is doing it again! Prime Day in summer means extraordinary deals. Walmart is getting in on the action too. We’re talking major savings....
Happening Now July 11, 2016

Walmart makes BIG changes to transform how you shop

With competition rising from Amazon and other online retailers, Walmart has come up with a creative new twist to attract more buyers. If you're...
Happening Now June 19, 2016

Credit card skimmers found at Walmart

In the blink of an eye, criminals are stealing your credit card numbers and debit card PINs at Walmart stores around the country. You...
Happening Now May 25, 2016

Watch out for old Wal-Mart goods for sale on Amazon

Make sure you know the risks of buying from a re-seller on online shopping sites.
Tips February 6, 2016
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