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Let Google Maps help you avoid Thanksgiving traffic

Traveling during the holidays can be a nightmare. Traffic jams, street closures and packed highways can make for a long trip to Grandma's house....
Happening Now November 21, 2018

Road signs are spying on drivers

We all know the government spies on us. From collecting our personal data through the internet to monitoring where we go and what we...
Happening Now October 1, 2018

My favorite map program just got a HUGE update you’ll love

Do you have a commute? Most people use an app or an onboard car computer to manage their drive. One of the best mobile...
Happening Now December 2, 2017

Avoid Thanksgiving traffic thanks to new data at Google Maps

There's a downside to every holiday, and for Thanksgiving, that's traveling. This year will be the busiest Thanksgiving since 2005, according to AAA. Nearly...
Tips November 21, 2017

One police department wants to snap photos of everyone in your car

This new technology could allow police to take a photo of everyone in your car.
Happening Now April 29, 2015

It turns out red light cameras INCREASE serious accidents

It happens all the time on the road. You approach an intersection only to have that green light turn yellow. Do you slam on your...
Happening Now December 23, 2014

Big city secretly shortened yellow lights by 0.1 second. Guess what happened

How fast is a tenth of a second? For Olympic sprinters, it can be the difference between a gold medal and not placing at...
Happening Now October 20, 2014