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How to set up your iPhone to help you sleep better

Getting a good night's sleep is super important. Not only for productivity throughout the day but also our health. Being connected to your smartphone...
Apps May 27, 2019

3 apps to help you get a better night's sleep

Losing sleep can lead to depression, cost you hours of productivity at work, and lower your immune system. In fact, some experts suggest that...
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Best way to reduce eye strain from your computer monitor

Do you suffer from digital eye strain? More than 65 percent of Americans do. Your eyes might be dry or itchy from staring at...
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Best app to monitor your sleep

If there is one thing we can all agree on it is that a good night's sleep is never a bad thing. That feeling...
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Using tech to get a good night’s rest

We all have a basic idea of REM, and know it’s not best to wake up during a “deep sleep.” But alarm clocks have...
Columns September 16, 2017

Get a better night's sleep

How often do you wake up in the morning feeling tired, groggy and grumpy? Get help getting a better night's sleep with this handy...
Apps September 12, 2017

Sleep sounds and white noise for better sleep, meditation and baby relaxation

Having a hard time falling concentrating or putting baby to sleep? This app lets you customize your own background noises with perfect results.
Apps September 12, 2017

Put this high-tech pingpong paddle under your mattress and reap some serious sleep benefits

Who wants to wear a bulky, uncomfortable sensor on your wrist to track your sleep? Most people don't like wearing jewelry on their body...
Happening Now September 7, 2015

A sleep tracker with something extra

The amount of sleep you get at is closely tied to how well you perform during the day, and whether you're at greater risk...
Happening Now April 2, 2015

A high-tech mattress that helps you sleep better

With our culture's emphasis of always being on the go and "doing something," sleep is often seen as expendable. However, we're quickly learning that...
Happening Now April 2, 2015
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