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Woman attacked by jaguar at zoo while taking a selfie

We are truly living in a "selfie culture." We have seen this run the gamut of extremes from a normal selfie with friends to...
Happening Now March 11, 2019

Don't take a selfie with your ballot today!

Today is the day to vote! That's right, it's midterm Election Day and many of us will be heading to our local polling station...
Happening Now November 6, 2018

Selfie fail accidentally causes $200,000 worth of property damage

I know the perfect selfie can be worth a million bucks, but if you're not careful it can cost you just as much. What...
Happening Now July 15, 2017

Chrysler unveils "Portal" with built-in cameras and a fully-customizable interior

The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show has officially started, and cars are taking center stage. One that really floored me was the "Portal" from Chrysler....
Happening Now January 5, 2017

12 wacky ways to take a selfie

Thought there was only one way to take a selfie? Apparently, kids these days have come up with all kinds of ways to take...
Happening Now September 5, 2016

Can you take a selfie in the voting booth?

As the presidential election looms, there's a 120-year-old law in place that's keeping a lot of people out of voting booths. You won't believe...
Happening Now May 8, 2016

Selfie-obsessed beach goers kill a rare dolphin

A mob of beach goers pulled a rare dolphin out of the water to take selfies with it. The baby La Plata dolphin died.
Happening Now February 19, 2016

One city is declaring 'selfie-free zones' after two tragic deaths

Leading up to the new year, Mumbai police featured several different selfies on Twitter of its officers with the people of their communities. Using the...
Happening Now January 16, 2016

You have to see this epic bald eagle selfie

There are some great selfies, and then there are some truly incredible selfies. But, before think back to your best selfie, odds are it's...
Happening Now November 30, 2015

The most embarrassing Snapchat fail ever?

You know how embarrassing it is when you send the wrong person a text message? Maybe after chatting with your mother, you send your...
Happening Now October 4, 2015
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