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How dash cams can provide crash evidence

There are many reasons to not want to get into an auto accident, with the chance for personal injury -- or worse -- topping...
Happening Now July 31, 2018

Uber's new safety feature could save you in an emergency

As safe as everyone may want it to be, there is an inherent danger in using a ride-sharing app like Uber. Despite all the...
Happening Now May 30, 2018

Police want to limit your scanner access. Why it might be a good idea.

Just because we are not police officers does not mean we are not interested in what they do. More than that, it's good to...
Happening Now May 22, 2018

If you take Uber, you must read this before you do it again

In many ways, ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft have made life easier. Whether you had a night out that left you unable to drive,...
Happening Now May 2, 2018

Police use dead man's finger to try to get into his iPhone

It is said that dead men tell no tales, and while that may be true, the same cannot be said for their fingerprints. Or,...
Happening Now March 27, 2018

Police asked Google to turn over user data near crime scene

Unless we committed the crime ourselves, it's probably fair to say that when one occurs, we hope the police are able to get to...
Happening Now March 24, 2018

High tech bullet-proof police protection gear that you can get too

Today’s battlefield is right here on our city streets, and domestic terrorism is getting harder to predict. But for every life lost in the...
Tips March 9, 2018

Broken Apple products are calling 911 on their own

Apple designed its phones and watches to be some of the smartest around, able to do far more than traditional phones and watches can....
Happening Now February 26, 2018

Does your state let you access police body camera video?

Incredible advances in technology over the past couple of decades have impacted all of us in different ways. It's even impacted police officers across...
Happening Now February 7, 2018

Listen to police and emergency radio broadcasts

Ever see something happening in your neighborhood - you know, with police cars or a fire engine - and wonder what was happening? If...
Cool Sites January 2, 2018

Do you agree with how this police department is using drones?

Incidents like the mass shooting in Las Vegas have left many fearful of being at public events. Can you blame them? The gunman fired...
Happening Now October 21, 2017

Smart speaker calls 911 and saves woman's life

It's well known that products like Amazon Alexa and Google Home are always listening for their next command. But when this smart speaker overheard...
Happening Now July 10, 2017

Should you go to jail for not revealing your phone’s passcode?

A judge in Florida believes so. A father is awaiting trial for child abuse and police believe there are pictures of his daughter’s injuries...
Happening Now June 10, 2017

Facebook posts and wearable tech used to solve troubling murder case

One of the downsides of tech is that it's constantly tracking us. But sometimes it's a good thing. When Connie Dabate was shot in...
Happening Now April 28, 2017

Gunfire detection technology used to alert police in Fresno shooting

Three people were killed in Fresno, California, on Tuesday. As tragic as that was, it could have been worse. When the gunfire erupted, police...
Happening Now April 20, 2017

Weaponized police drones patrolling the sky

Have you been paying attention to the drone phenomenon sweeping the nation? People love using these nifty flying machines to capture HD aerial videos...
Happening Now April 1, 2017

Police tweet looking for owners of 5.5 pounds of pot

Social media has made it so much easier to relay messages to the masses. When law enforcement officials came across 5.5 pounds of marijuana,...
Happening Now January 29, 2017

Web-connected devices spark controversy over your rights to privacy

Apple and the FBI may have settled their differences over your right to privacy on your personal devices. But now the controversy is getting...
Happening Now December 28, 2016

Government cellphone surveillance still a problem according to law makers

You need to read this! The calls you're making on your phones may not be as private as you think they are. Surveillance devices...
Happening Now December 27, 2016

This iPhone update could save your life

This piece of information could save your life one day. If you're ever in a situation where your life is being threatened, you can't...
Happening Now November 11, 2016
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