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Woman spammed with hundreds of robocalls from same store awarded $459k

We all have horror stories about robocalls. They're the bane of our digital existence. Although this might come as a shock, it's not always...
Happening Now April 1, 2019

FEMA exposes millions of disaster survivors' data in 'major privacy incident'

It's safe to say that data breaches, whether accidental or deliberate, are out of control. The problem is getting so bad that the government...
Happening Now March 25, 2019

Mortgage computer bug costs families their homes

As far as big banks go, Wells Fargo has had a bit of a rough time. Well, maybe not Wells Fargo so much as...
Happening Now August 6, 2018

Beware of Amazon Prime Day phishing scams that are spreading now!

Amazon Prime Day 2018 has come to a close, which means it is time for all of us to enjoy the fruits of our...
Happening Now July 19, 2018

Chevy owners no longer have to get out of their car to pay for gas

As busy as our lives are, any way to save time while accomplishing mundane tasks is welcome. Wouldn't you like to trim the number...
Happening Now April 20, 2018

Can Facebook users receive $17,500 each over a ‘Data Breach’?

As time passes the mess Facebook has found itself in due to the Cambridge Analytica fiasco seems to grow. The site has responded by...
Happening Now April 9, 2018

This online payment scam could cost you thousands

"You made an innocent mistake, and you paid for it." That's the kind of response you can expect to get back from Venmo, one...
Happening Now September 17, 2015

Solitaire is back, but it's not as free as we thought

Windows 10 is bringing Solitaire back, but an ad-free experience will cost you.
Happening Now July 30, 2015

Facebook has its eyes on your wallet

Don't worry, Facebook isn't about to start charging a monthly fee to use it. That's a common hoax that's been debunked. Facebook will never...
Happening Now October 10, 2014