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The most secure ways you can get your Amazon purchases for the holidays

As Christmas gets closer and closer and we begin to buy our friends and family gifts, we will start to receive all those Amazon...
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Don't buy these holiday gifts just yet...it's too early

Can you believe the holidays are right around the corner? It's true. Halloween is only a few weeks away and before you know it...
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Save money using these Chrome plugins

Save money on all of your online purchases with these easy-to-use applications for Google Chrome.
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Amazon Prime Day: Pro tips to help you get the best deals

If you're feeling a little extra excitement in the air today, I probably know what it is. Amazon Prime Day gets underway tomorrow. That's...
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3 new online marketplaces better than Craigslist

Once upon a time, Craigslist was a great idea. Post classified ads for free! Meet cool singles! Craigslist was stripped-down and straightforward. You could...
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5 Amazon default settings you must change now to increase your privacy

Amazon built an online shopping empire around this mission statement - "to be Earth's most customer-centric company." From its humble beginnings as an online...
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Secret Amazon Prime Day savings you can easily get

The countdown is on, we're only a couple days from Amazon Prime Day. The enormous sale is actually a day and a half this...
Happening Now July 13, 2018

Amazon Prime Day: How to get the best deals

When do you think the busiest shopping day of the year is? Most people would probably say it's Black Friday. This is the Friday...
Happening Now July 13, 2018

6 reasons everyone is switching to this "smart" toothbrush

You care about your family's health. The quip electric toothbrush is recommended by more than 10,000 dentists, Oprah Winfrey and Time magazine for a...
Tips June 28, 2018

Update your browser now or get locked out of online shopping

We are mostly living in a digital world now. Entertainment, communications, work, and yep, shopping - just think of each facet of your life...
Happening Now June 23, 2018
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