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Find great deals at this auction site

Online auctions have been a part of the internet since seemingly the beginning. EBay is one of the websites that many of us remember...
Cool Sites December 5, 2018

Alert: Clever Cyber Monday scam is after your money and identity

Cyber Monday is here, and that means great deals online for all your Christmas gifts. But, what you might not know is it also...
Happening Now November 26, 2018

Protect your webcam and microphone

Most computers nowadays have microphones and cameras built into them. These can easily be hacked by criminals and used to spy on you at...
Downloads November 14, 2018

Google is simplifying privacy controls

Google is finally giving us more control over our privacy online. After all the news and scandals recently around Google, it's nice to see...
Happening Now October 26, 2018

Wi-Fi is about to get a big change

The Wi-Fi Alliance announced they will be updating Wi-Fi to its 6th version.
Happening Now October 4, 2018

Amazon now lets groups create wish lists

The tech giant has added a new feature to its popular shopping site, one that is meant to aid in making collaborative purchases. Whether...
Happening Now August 31, 2018

Facebook abandons internet drone plans

Around-the-clock internet access has changed our lives significantly - in this modern age of telecommunications, we can rummage the web for information, communicate with...
Happening Now June 27, 2018

Be creative and make your own music video

The thing about music is it makes people want to get up and dance. Maybe not dance well, but dance nonetheless. Of course, the...
Apps May 9, 2018

Soothing and creative way to show off artistic talent

Anyone who has ever been on the internet knows it offers plenty of ways to waste time. Every site seems to have some kind...
Cool Sites May 4, 2018

Secret language kids are using

When it comes to what the kids are doing these days we can really do just one of two things. The first option is...
Tips April 11, 2018
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