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Facebook abandons internet drone plans

Around-the-clock internet access has changed our lives significantly - in this modern age of telecommunications, we can rummage the web for information, communicate with...
Happening Now June 27, 2018

Call, text, email - safely and privately!

For better or worse, the digital age and internet have changed the way society functions, to the point where now it's difficult to imagine...
Apps June 18, 2018

Be creative and make your own music video

The thing about music is it makes people want to get up and dance. Maybe not dance well, but dance nonetheless. Of course, the...
Apps May 9, 2018

Soothing and creative way to show off artistic talent

Anyone who has ever been on the internet knows it offers plenty of ways to waste time. Every site seems to have some kind...
Cool Sites May 4, 2018

Secret language kids are using

When it comes to what the kids are doing these days we can really do just one of two things. The first option is...
Tips April 11, 2018

Amazon vs. Sam's Club: Which is cheaper?

Besides the fact that you can find almost anything on the site, one of the best parts about shopping on Amazon is that you...
Happening Now March 10, 2018

8 easy and safe ways to make money online

It sounds too good to be true: Make money online the easy way! Sure, you need to be wary when you’re checking out ways...
Tips December 30, 2017

10 ways to be more secure online

Each time you go online, your information and privacy are at risk. Hackers are seeking to take over your email account, expose your credentials,...
Tips December 23, 2017

Watch out for the "grinch bots" charging more for hot Christmas gifts

Whenever something is in short supply or really popular, you can't find it online. And when you do, the prices are unrealistically high. Does...
Happening Now December 8, 2017

Kim's gift picks for your fur babies

Gift for nephew: check. Gift for daughter: check. Gift for son-in-law: check. But what about your pet friends? They deserve a special treat too....
Happening Now December 8, 2017

Video game microphone captures murder from 600 miles away

Hold onto your hat, this story is a little creepy. The internet is typically a great place for interacting with family and friends. But,...
Happening Now December 2, 2017

Secret airline passenger rights you don't know about

In today’s world of travel, there are so many ways to book flights, hotels and cars. There seems to be a website and app...
Happening Now November 21, 2017

Making a homemade gun using a 3D printer just got really easy

These days, it seems like you can go online and find information on just about anything. That includes DIY projects. Now rifles and handguns...
Happening Now October 4, 2017

Why it doesn't always pay to book a hotel directly (and what to do instead)

When booking a hotel, there are several factors to look for. Amenities and location are essential, but the price is most important when it...
Tips August 15, 2017

NFL fans can now watch games online, but there is a catch

Are you ready for some football? The NFL kicks-off with a full slate of games this Sunday and now you can catch all the...
Happening Now September 9, 2016

Facebook use linked to this mental illness

This site is linked to depression, find out how to beat it!
Happening Now June 5, 2015


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