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Record calls, iPhone pro secrets, better TV remote, and more: Tech Q&A

Each week, I receive tons of questions from my listeners about tech concerns, new products and all things digital. Sometimes, choosing the most interesting...
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All the ways you can get Microsoft Office for free

The Microsoft Office Suite is the standard when it comes to digital office software. It’s been around for decades and has won people over....
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U.S. military warns of Iranian hacker threat

Thanks to recent hostilities in the Persian Gulf, the U.S. has authorized a number of offensive cyberstrikes against the Iranian military. The attacks were...
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5 hidden Microsoft Word tricks that will make you stand up and cheer

Everyone recognizes Microsoft Word for what it is: a word processing platform. What most don't realize is all of the incredible tools and features...
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Get a Microsoft Office-style suite for free

While Microsoft Office and Google Suites vie for the biggest slices of the office suite market share pie, there are other options available. This...
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Got Microsoft Office? Get this new Windows 10 app for free

More than 1 billion people use Microsoft Office on a regular basis. That means that, love it or hate it, you are probably one...
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How you can get Microsoft Office for free

Whenever I see the word "free," I always get so excited to find out what I can get today. I especially get excited when...
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Microsoft Office 2019 is NOT the version you want to buy

The commercial version of Microsoft Office 2019 was released for Windows and Mac this week, but if you're expecting it to be a mirror...
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Clever banking scam is spreading right now

A phishing campaign has sent fake emails to 2,700 bank domains, with some of the biggest like Bank of America and Citibank being targeted....
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This powerful free office program can replace Microsoft Office

Tired of paying big bucks for Microsoft Office? Try this excellent free alternative.
Downloads August 9, 2018
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