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A new app is allowing children to begin to learn coding through simple-to-use tools and games.
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Christmas gifts that can put your kids at risk for cancer

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3 ways to keep your kids safe online

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Play a fun game of Mad Libs anywhere

Mad Libs is an incredibly fun game. Play it anywhere using the official Mad Libs app.
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This could be why your kids aren't sleeping

When the kids aren't sleeping, no one is sleeping. That's why every minute your kids and grandkids can catch some shut eye is so...
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Parents take control! Track your kids' phone usage, block apps and monitor their activities

Attention all parents! Do your kids own a phone? In this age the common answer is yes. Every child appears to have a phone...
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Parents take control! Track your kids' phone usage, block apps and monitor their activities

Kids are being introduced to technology at a much younger age than ever before. Over half of all children between the ages of 8...
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