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Government login credentials are for sale on the Dark Web

Did you know that entire online identities are up for grabs on the Dark Web for cheap? Stolen accounts include Netflix, Uber, Spotify and Airbnb logins...
Happening Now July 12, 2018

Hackers find clever way to steal gas

The worst thing about living in a high-tech world is that criminals have also gone high-tech. Think about all of the digital threats that...
Happening Now July 10, 2018

5 ordinary things hackers tell you not to do or else you’ll be their next victim

By now we all think we know how to keep our personal information safe online, right? There have been so many stories and instances...
Tips June 30, 2018

Smart people are falling for this crazy phishing scam

This is something that cannot be stressed enough. You always need to be on the lookout for the latest scams. That's because criminals are...
Happening Now June 20, 2018

10 insider tricks to keep hackers and scammers from stealing from you

Cybercriminals are out in full force looking for ways to steal your data. It’s worth money to them. That’s why we’ve seen a massive...
Columns June 16, 2018

10 insider ways to keep hackers and scammers away from your private files

Cybercriminals are always looking for ways to steal your personal data. We've seen a huge uptick in the number of data breaches over the...
Tips June 9, 2018

Sponsored: Protect yourself from cybercrime, hide your IP address now

Cybercriminals are lurking around every corner of the digital world, looking for ways to rip us off. Ransomware, phishing attacks, spoofed websites, and malicious...
Downloads June 7, 2018

92 million accounts hacked from this popular DNA testing service

Genealogy websites are a popular way to learn about your family’s history. The process is relatively inexpensive and fast. Typically, in less than a...
Happening Now June 5, 2018

3 security programs that should be on every computer or laptop

The digital world can be a scary place. There are cybercriminals from every corner of the world looking to steal our credentials, rip us...
Tips June 5, 2018

New malware hiding on Amazon cloud

With the exceptional success we've seen lately by Bitcoin investors, I'm sure that you've at least heard of cryptocurrencies. A Bitcoin is a digital...
Happening Now May 29, 2018

5 best gadgets to keep criminals from stealing your information

Cybercriminals trying to hack our information aren't the only ones we need to worry about. There are also old-fashioned criminals out there, rummaging through...
Tips May 19, 2018

New cyber attack can hijack your phone remotely

What gadgets store our personal details, keep us in touch with friends and co-workers, provide access to our financial accounts, and even secure our...
Happening Now May 8, 2018

Russians are targeting home routers. Here's how to protect yourself

Hackers are always on the hunt for vulnerable routers. Your router, after all, is your main gateway to the internet. It is an important...
Happening Now May 6, 2018

Fake Mark Zuckerbergs are scamming Facebook users out of cash

In a general sense, it is probably good to be Mark Zuckerberg. Even if his company, Facebook, has been in the news for all...
Happening Now April 29, 2018

Security key flaw allows hackers access to your hotel room

These days, most hotels you stay in will not give you an actual key to get into your room. Instead, you will get a...
Happening Now April 28, 2018

Hackers are going after your online bank account

For hackers, the ultimate goal is to make some money. However they go about doing it, be it stealing data and selling it, mining...
Happening Now April 22, 2018

Cybercriminals love when you run this program. Update it Now!

Chances are if you use a computer, Adobe Flash is a part of it. It's the type of program you pay little attention to...
Happening Now April 13, 2018

Russian hackers are after your tax return, how not to get hacked

Ugh! It's that time of year again. Yep, you guessed it … tax season. Due to the massive Equifax data breach that was revealed...
Tips April 9, 2018

Warning! Popular fitness app suffers major data breach affecting over 150 MILLION users

If you've ever used a fitness tracker, you know how valuable they are when it comes to staying on top of your calorie intake,...
Happening Now March 30, 2018

If you used this travel site, hackers have your banking and personal data

Cybercriminals terrorize us with ransomware, malware and phishing scams constantly. Well, here we go again. Another massive data breach has just been discovered. If...
Happening Now March 21, 2018
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