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Warning! Criminals might be using your smart gadgets for cyberattacks

Cybercriminals seem to be out for blood these days. They have been stepping up attacks lately, making them nastier and more widespread. With so...
Happening Now August 6, 2018

Alert: email scam has grown - more than $12 billion lost

We keep telling you, be careful who you give your information to, be careful transferring money, and be careful with emails. But people and...
Happening Now July 13, 2018

Facebook - Cambridge Analytica probe now involves the FBI, the SEC and the Justice Department

The Facebook - Cambridge Analytica fiasco is one scandal that just won't go away. It's been months since it was publicly disclosed but the...
Happening Now July 4, 2018

Apple makes it harder for police to unlock iPhones

A couple of months back, we talked about this mysterious standalone gadget that can crack iPhone and iPad passcodes in mere minutes. It's called...
Happening Now June 15, 2018

Windows users! These tricky scams are spreading

With the countless number of cybercriminals in the world, it's a good idea to stay informed of the latest attacks. As they say, knowledge...
Happening Now April 25, 2018

New tool allows the government to unlock your phone

A couple years ago the FBI tried forcing Apple to help break into the iPhone recovered from an alleged shooter in San Bernardino, CA....
Happening Now February 27, 2018

U.S. intelligence agencies warn against using this Chinese smartphone

When it comes to the world of smartphones, your first decision might be the toughest. That is whether you want to be an Apple...
Happening Now February 14, 2018

FBI warns against 'virtual kidnappers'

Hopefully, the closest you ever come to a kidnapping/ransom scenario is on a movie screen. Just the thought of having to deal with a...
Happening Now January 19, 2018

Counting down the biggest hacks of 2017

2017 has been a year dominated by major hacks. From the political hacks to the identity ones, you probably can’t keep track. As we...
Happening Now November 29, 2017

FBI: Terrorist drones coming is 100% guaranteed

We've been telling you for some time that a major cyberattack is coming. It's not a matter of if, but when. Now, the FBI...
Happening Now September 29, 2017

iOS 11 feature includes much needed safety feature

Are you excited about Apple's new iPhone models that will soon be released? Around the same time, iOS 11 will be available and it...
Happening Now August 20, 2017

iOS 11 feature includes much needed safety feature

Are you excited about Apple's new iPhone models that will soon be released? Around the same time, iOS 11 will be available and it...
Preparedness August 8, 2017

How the NSA 'leaker' was tracked down using a printer

Every time you print a document, did you know it could be traced back to you? These secret markings were recently used to track...
Happening Now June 7, 2017

Does Best Buy's Geek Squad have secret ties to the FBI?

Need a quick fix for your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone? You might be tempted to call Best Buy's Geek Squad, but that could...
Happening Now April 6, 2017

FBI’s facial recognition database has half of all U.S. adults on file

The FBI's facial recognition database is so massive, it will shock you. And it may not be as accurate as you think. Now, the...
Happening Now March 23, 2017

Look out! New tax season phishing scam spreading now

Have a problem with your W-2? The latest phishing scam wants to give you that impression, and it's scary the trick scammers are using...
Happening Now February 9, 2017

Pope worried about hackers? New photo shows surprising security method he uses

I've warned you about the risks of spyware on your computer, laptop, smartphone and tablet, but have you taken this easy step to ensure...
Happening Now January 9, 2017

Government cellphone surveillance still a problem according to law makers

You need to read this! The calls you're making on your phones may not be as private as you think they are. Surveillance devices...
Happening Now December 27, 2016

Leaked! Government can spy on in-flight Wi-Fi

I've warned you about the risks of using public Wi-Fi before, and what I've just learned makes those risks even more serious. If you're...
Happening Now December 11, 2016

Contact your congressman TODAY if you care about your online privacy

I'm writing Arizona's representatives about Rule 41. Are you reaching out to the elected officials for your state? If nothing is done about this...
Happening Now December 1, 2016
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