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Sponsored: Finally! Dinner from start to finish in 20 minutes, or less!

You're busy. I get it. As a mother and business owner, trust me, I'm right there with you. That's why I'm sharing this trick...
Tips May 9, 2018

Sponsored: Why this is the last ladder you'll ever buy

You do everything to ensure your family is safe, especially around the house when your son wobbles as he climbs up to repair the...
Tips May 3, 2018

Sponsored: 10 questions you should ask if you want a home security system

It has never been easier or more convenient to have a home security system delivered to your home that you can install in a...
Tips April 3, 2018

Kim's Business Development Director found the perfect way to offset the cost of owning an RV and you can too

We first heard about our new sponsor "Outdoorsy" when Kip Kuroski, Komando’s very own Director of Business Development, told us that he was earning...
Tips March 15, 2018

Best phone to buy for kids

“But all my friends have phones!” You’ve been hearing this for a while and you’re finally at the point where you’re ready to buy...
Tips February 20, 2018

Sponsored: One thing to know before buying a food delivery service

When it comes to food delivery services, there are dozens out there to choose from. But which should you use, and what truly sets...
Tips February 13, 2018

Sponsored: 3 easy ways to keep your home safe

The facts are chilling! Burglars ransack homes every 15 seconds on average, according to an explosive report by the Fairfax News. Peace of mind...
Tips January 25, 2018

Sponsor: SimpliSafe protects your whole house in under an hour

Technology has changed everything, and simplified it, too. Protecting your family and home has never been so easy! You can set up a state-of-the-art...
Tips January 11, 2018

Sponsored: The perfect gift for your family

What gifts are you buying for your grown children, especially the ones with homes and families of their own? We've got a great gift...
Tips December 21, 2017

Sponsored: 3 ways to cut your heating bill this winter

What do you love most about winter? Do you love getting cozy in a blanket in front of a fireplace as you look out...
Tips November 24, 2017

3 great digital photo frames perfect for any home

You most likely have hundreds or thousands of family photos saved to your PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and the cloud. You might print a...
Tips October 27, 2017

A fun thing I like to do with my family

Finding quality time to spend with my family can be a real challenge sometimes. I'm busy running my own company, so when I find...
Tips July 12, 2017

The one thing all grocery stores don't want you to know

As you stroll through the grocery store, do you ever wonder how long an item has been on the shelf? You check for expiration...
Happening Now June 25, 2017

Woah, baby! Unusual gadgets for tech-savvy parents

Baby tech is a burgeoning industry that beckons smartphone-toting parents to engage with gadgets. The latest crop of technology can bring moms, dads and...
Tips June 2, 2017

3 best gadgets for your dog

When technology goes to the dogs, it’s a good thing. Just as humans rely on tech to help them stay healthy and entertained, the...
Tips February 16, 2017

A better way to store and share precious memories

Your family photos are priceless. Even more so with your home movies. You'll want to make sure they're taken care of - whether that's...
Cool Sites August 24, 2016

Top Story: Hackers lock down the very people who are meant to keep you safe

We know how you feel. No one messes with your family. Especially when it comes to their safety. Unfortunately, hackers don't care. They're now...
Happening Now April 30, 2016

Can you name this sunny airport? See if your guess is correct!

If you haven't signed up for the Kim Komando Travel Newsletter, here are three fantastic reasons why you should.
Happening Now April 7, 2016

Report a missing person or find a loved one on this national database

Find a missing loved one or report someone who's missing on this national database.
Cool Sites March 16, 2016

This little cube gives you parental control over EVERY device on your network

If you're a parent or grandparent, you know the struggle to keep the kids from getting into things they shouldn't online. We've talked before...
Happening Now December 15, 2015
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