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All the ways you can get Microsoft Office for free

The Microsoft Office Suite is the standard when it comes to digital office software. It’s been around for decades and has won people over....
Downloads September 15, 2019

Look at famous paintings as if you were there

Google is rolling out a virtual reality feature in its Arts & Culture app that uses the highest-ever resolution imaging. You can use your...
Apps December 27, 2018

Where do you fit into the 7 billion people on Earth?

There are over 7 billion humans living on this Earth. Sometimes that can be hard to wrap your head around. Well with this amazing...
Cool Sites November 15, 2018

Help your favorite child learn computer programming

A new app is allowing children to begin to learn coding through simple-to-use tools and games.
Cool Sites October 4, 2018

2-in-1 laptops are a hit at school

It's a rough time for teachers in this country. There's test after test, substandard pay, trouble with parents. In my home state of Arizona,...
Happening Now June 20, 2018

Learn how to code for free

To most people, computer code very much has a Matrix-like feel, with letters, numbers and symbols somehow making up the apps we use and...
Cool Sites June 17, 2018

Learn about anything with fun digital flashcards

Learning a foreign language is difficult. And what about math? Have you ever tried to help your kids and grandkids with their homework? If...
Cool Sites August 13, 2017

Teachers are becoming millionaires using this site

Every one of us can remember a teacher who helped shape our life. But, even though teachers play such a valuable role in society,...
Apps April 23, 2017

Free courses from America's top universities

Stanford, Berkeley, Yale, MIT and Harvard are some of the most well-known and reputable universities in the world. And now, the internet has made...
Cool Sites March 19, 2017

Easy way to learn new languages and improve your vocabulary

Did you ever want to learn a foreign language but just never got around to it? Learning new languages can be difficult, especially as...
Cool Sites November 30, 2016
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