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Logitech will brick devices in March

Bricking a device is never a good thing. So why is Logitech wanting to do this intentionally? If you own a Logitech product your...
Happening Now November 12, 2017

Couple used Amazon replacement policy to get $1.2M worth of electronics for free

Amazon is the No. 1 online shopping destination for a reason, it has stellar customer service support and return policies. But what if people...
Happening Now October 3, 2017

How to work at home for Amazon.com

Most of us roll our eyes at "work from home" ads. The internet is overflowing with so-called freelance opportunities, and most of them are...
Tips September 11, 2017

Get better customer service with these social media hacks

It happens to everyone. You're frustrated by a company or by a product that's not working, but spend hours on hold waiting for customer...
Happening Now February 20, 2017

Work for Amazon from home - here's how

Can you believe it's almost the holiday season again? If you want to make some extra money, Amazon is hiring people to work from...
Happening Now September 12, 2016

No tip for you! The one waiter you'll never want serving you

A good waiter can make or break your dining experience. Here's one waiter don't want serving you at a restaurant
Happening Now April 11, 2016

Another huge Comcast fail

Comcast is at it again. Take a look at this customer service horror story.
Happening Now January 30, 2015

Check out what an Amazon robot accidentally sent a Texas farmer

Stephen Hawking may be warning us about the eventual uprising of artificial intelligence, but if the robots on Amazon's factory floor are any indication...
Happening Now December 5, 2014

One U.S. city has a message for Comcast: Stay away from our citizens

One city doesn't want anything to do with Comcast and its terrible customer service. Find out what they're doing to stop the company from...
Happening Now October 19, 2014

Comcast has a no-wait customer service hotline with a secret number

Comcast is in trouble with its customers. After a slew of horrible customer service calls gone viral, it's clear that the company needs to...
Happening Now August 21, 2014
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