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Do you use this router? If so, you could be a victim of a cryptojacking hack

You probably don't concern yourself much with what is going on in Brazil, especially as it pertains to the country's routers. But if what's...
Happening Now August 5, 2018

New malware hiding on Amazon cloud

With the exceptional success we've seen lately by Bitcoin investors, I'm sure that you've at least heard of cryptocurrencies. A Bitcoin is a digital...
Happening Now May 29, 2018

Watch out! New cryptojacking malware destroys your computer

Have you taken the time to learn about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? If not, click here to check out Kim's eBook, "Everything you need to...
Happening Now May 21, 2018

New phishing attack will drain your bank account

Cryptocurrency is one of those things that most of us have heard about and maybe even discussed, even if we don't truly understand it....
Happening Now May 18, 2018

IRS wants you to pay these tech taxes now

If you're dabbling in cryptocurrencies or are planning on getting into it while it's hot, there's one important detail you should know about -...
Happening Now April 12, 2018

Everyone wants to hijack your computer to mine cryptocurrency

Here's a tech horror story for you. For a few years now, Egyptian internet denizens have been noticing something strange when they're accessing a certain website...
Happening Now April 4, 2018

Windows 10 users need to know this huge security warning from Microsoft

Bitcoin has been all over the news lately. That's because its value has jumped to unthinkable heights recently. At the beginning of 2017, you...
Happening Now March 14, 2018

Before you buy Bitcoins or cryptocurrency, you need to know about this scam

Fraudsters are always on the lookout for fresh ways to make money. They latch on to the latest trends and find ways to exploit...
Happening Now February 22, 2018

How to convert Bitcoin to cash

Bitcoin has been on everyone's tongue lately because its value soared to incredible heights seemingly overnight. In fact, "Bitcoin billionaire" became a hot new...
Tips February 7, 2018

North Korea stole billions worth of Bitcoin last year

Have you been paying attention to the Bitcoin phenomenon? I'm sure that you've at least heard of it since it started hitting extremely high...
Happening Now February 6, 2018

If you own Bitcoin, you might be shocked at the taxes you owe

By now I'm sure that you've at least heard of Bitcoin. It's been blowing up lately in the media due to its extremely high...
Happening Now January 29, 2018

12 questions you're too embarrassed to ask about Bitcoin

Bitcoin mania is making headlines in the media. But many people don't have a clue what a Bitcoin is. If you don't know much...
Tips January 6, 2018

Has your computer been cryptojacked?

Cyberthieves are always coming up with fresh ways to generate revenue for themselves. Now, with the cryptocurrencies explosion, there's a new kind of profit-generating...
Happening Now December 24, 2017

Should I buy Bitcoins? Read this first

It’s been a banner year for Bitcoin! The value of the cryptocurrency coin grew $16,000 in just a year! That is quite impressive, but...
Happening Now December 12, 2017


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