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Easy fixes if your iPhone is charging slowly

Your iPhone is useless when it runs out of juice. I know it can be quite stressful when that battery level indicator hits red...
Tips April 26, 2018

Does wireless charging damage your smartphone’s battery?

Though we hate to admit it, few things are more stressful than watching our cellphone's battery slowly drain. The angst that comes with wondering...
Happening Now March 19, 2018

What's draining your battery once and for all

We know, it doesn't matter how fancy or current your smartphone is, it is quite useless if its battery runs out of juice. With...
Tips January 21, 2018

You've been charging your smartphone wrong

No matter how vital a smartphone is in our daily lives, it is useless if it runs out of juice. That's why the last...
Tips January 6, 2018

Does Samsung have a battery problem with its new phone too?

Remember Samsung’s massive battery disaster with the Galaxy Note 7, the one where phones exploded? After recalls Samsung finally just dropped the phone all...
Happening Now December 29, 2017

6 mistakes you make that shorten the life of your gadgets

Ever notice that a year after you get your new tablet, laptop, or phone the battery tends to mysteriously start dying at an alarming...
Tips December 26, 2017

6 tech hacks you can't live without

“Hacks” aren’t just for computer programmers. They can also be clever but simple ways to improve your life. When it comes to technology, there...
Tips December 14, 2017

Check your charger NOW 98% of phone chargers put users at risk of electric shock or house fires

You're out and about and suddenly your phone gives you the alerting "low battery" message. You stop at a convenience store and get the...
Happening Now December 8, 2017

Why it's a bad idea to charge your phone all night

We use our smartphones all day so by night time, it's out of juice. The natural thing to do is charge it while you...
Happening Now September 25, 2017

What it costs to charge your smartphone

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to keep your smartphone charged each year? The average time it takes to keep your phone...
Happening Now September 7, 2016

Your next smartphone could charge WAY faster

How long does it take you to charge your smartphone from empty to full? The answer is "too long!" These days, manufacturers are paying...
Happening Now September 15, 2015

Now you can have a magnet charger on your phone or tablet

If you have a MacBook, you know that the charger is held in by a magnet. It's safer, because if you kick or jostle...
Happening Now July 21, 2015


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