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Sponsored: Experience the biggest sound you've ever heard

I'm sure you know all about this common complaint with flatscreen TVs. In one scene, the dialogue sound is so squeaky quiet that you...
Tips June 11, 2018

Sponsored: Make any TV have amazing sound

You found the best TV money could buy. The screen is gigantic, the picture is incredible and it has more features than you realized...
Tips June 5, 2018

Sponsored: Hearing is believing!

So you just bought a new flat screen TV and are about to settle down to watch that latest blockbuster movie you've been raring...
Tips May 31, 2018

Sponsored: Better TV sound for those with hearing loss

Most of us have experienced some sort of audio frustration with our televisions, whether it’s not being able to hear dialogue clearly or feeling...
Tips May 24, 2018

Forget Laurel or Yanny, this new viral sound clip is even more mind-boggling

You know the "Yanny vs. Laurel" video that has been all the rage this week? The one where depending on how you listened, you...
Happening Now May 18, 2018

Do you hear 'Yanny' or 'Laurel'? Internet debate over audio clip

Every now and then something comes along that divides the internet into different camps. Remember the drama surrounding that photo of the dress and...
Happening Now May 15, 2018

This download gives you the power to edit audio for free

Have you ever wanted to record a podcast? How about create something with audio? While it all is admittedly not for everybody, there are...
Downloads March 26, 2018

Channel your inner musician with the best free audio editing program

Is there a musician in you just dying to break out? If you have ever tried editing audio files using a beat-maker or other...
Downloads November 15, 2017

Best free audio editing program

Newspapers, magazines, books, games and music have all gone digital. Even so, it stands to reason that you might still have a few physical...
Downloads October 23, 2017

How can I get clearer calls on my cellphone?

When you make a call, do you constantly have to ask the person you're speaking with to repeat themselves? You may think your hearing...
Tips September 6, 2016

3 high-tech earphones under $100 - save up to 81%

Hear your favorite songs in crystal clear sound. These inexpensive gadgets will have you singing along, and right now you can save up to...
Happening Now April 19, 2016

Fender's new earbuds look as excellent as its guitars

For 70 years, the guitar company Fender has been the epitome of cool. When rock stars like Jimi Hendrix strapped on one of its...
Happening Now January 21, 2016

If you care about sound quality, you need this little 'BoomStick'

Did you buy your kids or grandchildren super-expensive earphones for Christmas? If you did, you weren't alone. Apple's Beats By Dre earphones have transformed...
Happening Now January 4, 2016

Easily edit audio files or convert formats

Convert an audio file to a different format, or edit audio files.
Downloads November 22, 2015

Test your sense of pitch to find out if you're tone-deaf

Are you tone-deaf? Test your sense of pitch with NIDCD's Distorted Tunes test.
Cool Sites November 13, 2015

Concert too loud? These earbuds can turn it down without losing sound quality

Have you ever been at a concert where the music is just WAY too loud? Or maybe it's too quiet, or the bass is...
Happening Now September 5, 2015

Google Chrome wants to kill the most annoying thing about Web browsing

Google just added a beautiful new feature to its Chrome Dev build (the version of the browser for developers), and our fingers are crossed...
Happening Now September 2, 2015

Easily convert multiple audio formats into MP3s

These days, your CDs are collecting dust. Even your favorite songs are buried deep in a closet, or up in the attic. But, have...
Downloads August 22, 2015

Buying a home theater sound system

Make sure you get a sound system that matches the performance of your HDTV. Use our guide to find the right home theater system...
Buying Guides August 18, 2015

Quick fix for what's ailing your PC video player

If you've ever wondered why a video that's playing on your computer suddenly loses sound, or it won't move when you click the start...
Downloads August 14, 2015
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