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Find malware that antivirus software doesn't

As hackers keep occupied with generating malware that is beyond sinister and untraceable, security companies continue to improve antivirus programs’ ability to find malware...
Downloads August 1, 2019

Cheap background checks, heart-rate monitoring, antivirus software for Mac, and more: Tech Q&A

Each week, I receive tons of questions from my listeners about tech concerns, new products and all things digital. Sometimes, choosing the most interesting...
Columns April 6, 2019

Best antivirus programs for your Mac

Apple has mainly watched from the sidelines as criminals launch volleys at Windows machines, which are a juicier target thanks to how many of...
Tips April 1, 2019

Shocking research: Most antivirus programs don't work

With cybercriminals running amok throughout the internet, you are probably concerned for the safety and security of your computer. This might lead you to...
Happening Now March 14, 2019

Find your router's password fast (then change it!)

Routers are one of those devices where you can just plug and play. You plug it into the wall, or your modem, and poof,...
Cool Sites February 19, 2019

5 hacker-proof tactics for travelers

Your life is full of distractions, especially if you’re on the road, stuck in an airport, or touring a new part of the world....
Columns December 1, 2018

Windows chip flaw patch is crashing some PCs, making them unbootable

Bad news for Windows users. Microsoft’s January patch for the Meltdown chip flaw was found to be conflicting with antivirus software, causing PCs to...
Happening Now January 12, 2018

3 steps to virus-proof your computer

Keeping your computer virus-free doesn't have to be a huge or complicated ordeal. Just follow these simple steps.
Tips May 1, 2017

Your free anti-virus software is in jeopardy

Here's why a tiny change Google made is having a HUGE impact on your Internet security. Find out why you're at greater risk now...
Happening Now May 14, 2016

Google uncovered a major bug in this anti-virus software's password manager

When it comes to hackers accessing your computers and stealing your personal information, you can breathe easy, right? If you've got an anti-virus program...
Happening Now January 12, 2016
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