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7 signs you’ve been hacked that you need to know now

Online threats never stop. They are lurking in every corner of the web, waiting for that inadvertent click, that hasty install, or that vulnerable...
Tips April 21, 2018

Windows chip flaw patch is crashing some PCs, making them unbootable

Bad news for Windows users. Microsoft’s January patch for the Meltdown chip flaw was found to be conflicting with antivirus software, causing PCs to...
Happening Now January 12, 2018

3 steps to virus-proof your computer

Keeping your computer virus-free doesn't have to be a huge or complicated ordeal. Just follow these simple steps.
Tips May 1, 2017

Your free anti-virus software is in jeopardy

Here's why a tiny change Google made is having a HUGE impact on your Internet security. Find out why you're at greater risk now...
Happening Now May 14, 2016

Google uncovered a major bug in this anti-virus software's password manager

When it comes to hackers accessing your computers and stealing your personal information, you can breathe easy, right? If you've got an anti-virus program...
Happening Now January 12, 2016

A bug in a popular free anti-virus may have exposed millions

It's never good when software that's designed to keep you safe puts you at risk instead. That's what happened with a free Chrome plug-in...
Happening Now December 30, 2015

Watch out for malware hidden inside of "Free Stuff" Facebook posts

This weekend, you're going to be on social media sites like Facebook a lot. You'll post pictures of your family opening Christmas gifts. You'll...
Happening Now December 26, 2015

5 times as much Mac malware this year

If you're worried about hackers and cybercriminals, but you think you're safe because you've got a Mac, you need to change your thinking fast....
Happening Now November 1, 2015

You might actually WANT your router to catch this virus

You know to be on the lookout for malware that hackers can use to take over your devices, including your computer hardware. Hackers steal...
Happening Now October 24, 2015

Speed up your PC's startup time by getting rid of software you don't need

Speed up your computer's startup time by managing software that automatically loads each time you turn it on.
Downloads October 1, 2015

This is the most dangerous name to search online

Before you start an online search for your favorite celebrity, or a pop star embroiled in a scandal, be forewarned. Cybercriminals are on to...
Happening Now September 30, 2015

Find your router's password fast (then change it!)

If you ever forget your router's password, this Cool Site will help you find it. (But then, immediately change it.)
Cool Sites September 28, 2015

You can now buy 'cyberinsurance,' but do you need it?

You've got insurance for everything, to protect your finances and the property you own. You have car insurance, medical insurance and dental insurance. You...
Happening Now September 27, 2015

Best security software for all your devices

Looking for an antivirus that covers everything? You've come to the right place.
Downloads September 23, 2015

Popular free anti-virus may sell your browser history to advertisers

We're big fans of security software here at Komando.com. Without some kind of protection on your computer, you can expect to pick up a...
Happening Now September 18, 2015

Serious security bug in Yahoo Messenger

Those smiley-face emoticons aren't always happy. At least on some Yahoo Messenger emoticon downloads, those cartoon facial expressions are hiding a serious vulnerability that...
Happening Now September 13, 2015

Beware the 'Ins0mnia' bug in iPhones and iPads

There could be malicious software stealing your personal information from your iPhone or iPad right now, and you wouldn't even know it. Worse, it...
Happening Now August 27, 2015

Free ransomware anyone can use to hack you

If the recent Ashley Madison hack proved anything, besides the fact that 37 million people are interested in dating outside their marriage, it's that...
Happening Now August 23, 2015

Is your anti-virus slowing down your computer?

The first thing I install on any computer is security software. An unprotected computer online can get a virus in under a minute, which...
Happening Now April 27, 2015

Do you really need an anti-virus on your Android phone?

There's no clear winner in the never-ending battle between Android and Apple, though some users can take their passionate support for one brand or...
Happening Now April 27, 2015
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