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Security system that works with Alexa and your Wi-Fi!

The smart home revolution is fundamentally changing the way we live. Smart appliances used to be the stuff of futuristic flicks like "The Jetsons"...
Tips August 14, 2019

Smart home starter kit: What should you buy first?

Smart homes seem like they should be expensive to establish, but somehow they’re becoming increasingly common. The truth is, starting a smart home doesn’t...
Tips August 13, 2019

The eBooks you need to get to know your gadgets

So you took the dive and bought that new gadget you've had your eye on. Luckily for you, the "Digital Goddess" Kim Komando has...
Downloads August 10, 2019

Alexa, stop following me! Amazon's got big plans for the future of home tech

Amazon Prime Day 2019: How to get the best deals on the latest tech (July 15-16)
Happening Now July 12, 2019

5 Fire TV Stick tricks you’ll use time and time again

The Amazon Fire Stick is one of the best-selling streaming devices on the market today. It has the capability to stream Netflix, Hulu, HBO...
Tips June 28, 2019

When smart devices watch you, what do they do with the data?

Since so many smart devices are collecting personal data on us, it begs the question: What do data miners use all this information for?...
Columns June 15, 2019

Can Alexa owners trust this new security feature?

A new feature Amazon first announced last September is now rolling out to people who own its Echo smart speakers. Alexa wants to guard...
Happening Now May 14, 2019

9 hot Alexa skills that you're going to love

Amazon's Alexa can perform “skills” to help make your life easier. Amazon and its partners have developed tons of skills, and they run the...
Tips May 7, 2019

Alexa employees can see where you live

Recently we discussed how Amazon employees are manually reviewing the contents of interactions with Alexa, along with some of the disturbing details they have...
Happening Now April 25, 2019

Guess who's coming back to Amazon Fire TV

Amazon and Google haven't had the best relationship. During the course of their long-running feud, Fire TV customers lost access to the entire suite...
Happening Now April 20, 2019
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