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Your ISP sees everything you do online – Here’s how to stop it

Presented by ExpressVPN

Presented by ExpressVPN

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We all know that Google, Amazon and Facebook are tracking us, but have you really thought about your ISP? That’s short for “internet service provider.” Depending on where you live, you may have a few to choose from — or maybe there’s only one.

Take a second to think about the power an ISP has over you. You have to use their lines to get on the web. They keep track of every single thing you do online.

Your entire internet history is saved on their servers. Every website you visit, every search you make, anything you do on social media, what profiles you set up and where you buy anything. Even your porn habits are tracked and stored.

What happens with all this data?

All this data you handed over then gets bundled up and sold off. There’s no transparency about who gets your private information — or what they’ll do with it. You may think to yourself, “Hey, that’s not right!” But here’s the skinny: Back in 2017, the Federal Communications Commission said it was OK.

According to the FCC, ISPs don’t have to get your permission to profit off your data. And get this, they don’t even have to tell you how long they’re keeping your data, either.

Can you opt-out of this tracking?

Probably not. Plus, even if you want to, some ISPs have the nerve to charge you more for your internet connection.

You have two options:

  1. Don’t use an ISP. This means you can’t get online.
  2. Get online and use the internet the smart way. You can take back your privacy through a VPN.

While you’re using a VPN, your ISP cannot track you. The ISP cannot see what sites you visit or anything you do while connected. It can only see that encrypted data is traveling to a server.

Think of it this way: You’re traveling in a car on the freeway. You can see everything around you and know the roads you’ve been on and what’s shown on the speedometer.

Pretend now you’re on that freeway, only this time, you’re blindfolded. You can’t see a thing, but you can still feel the car moving.

Not all VPNs are the same. You have to be smart about selecting the right one. You want one that is fast and secure. Make sure to pick a VPN that won’t track you because some of the free ones do.

The best VPN money can buy

I’ve used ExpressVPN for years. You just hit connect and instantly, whatever you do online is encrypted and unavailable to your ISP’s tracking system.

ExpressVPN keeps everything you do in RAM, meaning it’s not saved to a hard drive or a server, which is a huge game-changer. Plus, ExpressVPN won’t slow down your connection like those other VPNs will.

I know you’re fed up with Big Tech. I am, too. But your ISP is another threat to your security you’ve got to keep in mind.

I’ve arranged a special deal for my listeners who value their privacy. You can get three months of free use of ExpressVPN when you sign up for a one-year package. It’s just a few dollars a month, and it’s totally worth it.

You have locks on your doors and curtains in your bedroom. Do the same with your internet connection. Sign up now while you’re thinking about it. Get 3 months free when you sign up for one year at

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