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Why you should use Google to search for your email address right now

Presented by TotalAV

Presented by TotalAV

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We’ve written a lot of articles about Google searches and online databases. Our online safety is important, and much of that comes down to regulating our searches and learning how to protect ourselves. Tap or click here for seven things to never search for on Google.

If you haven’t tried Googling your email address, though, this is a new tip that you should try. While you can scroll through the internet and look for your old accounts one by one, there is an easier way.

Searching for your email address can bring up all sorts of stuff you weren’t expecting. The most common thing you’ll find is your information on people-search databases. Let’s look at those and how to remove yourself from those sites. This tip is brought to you by our sponsor, TotalAV.

People-search sites

If you type in your email, you’ll see many results like Spokeo. These sites are gold mines to look up other people’s data. Type in someone’s email, phone number, or personal data and it will offer to sell you all of their information for a certain price.

Terrifying, isn’t it?

How do you delete your information from these sites? It isn’t easy. Some of the biggest sites make it nearly impossible to remove your data. Some sites will allow you to opt out directly to their site, like Spokeo. Tap or click here for step-by-step instructions to opt out of Spokeo.

We recently gave instructions on how to opt out of many people search sites. Unfortunately, many of those sites either changed the process or removed the option altogether after our coverage. Keep checking in on for updates as we get them.

Dating sites

This may seem weird, but if you’ve had some experience with online dating, you might see yourself cross-referenced on several of these sites when you Google your email. Take care not to click on the links, though. Some of them are hacker sites set up to lure you in.

Dating sites not only have a treasure trove of your data but can also be dangerous. There are tons of bots and scammers on these types of sites trying to rip you off. Tap or click here to find out how to spot them.

If you are worried about what information about you is available online and how to keep yourself off the web entirely, here are ways to protect your data and delete yourself online.

Bonus: Privacy is important but so is your online security.

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