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Can you get cancer from what you eat?

Can you get cancer from what you eat?

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What’s in your gut?

We have been hearing so much about gut bacteria lately. Recent innovations in DNA research have helped doctors uncover the link between gut health and many diseases, including cancer.

In this Komando on Demand podcast, Kim talks with Dr. Cullen Taniguchi, a radiation oncologist with MD Anderson Cancer Center, about the connection between gut health and cancer. Learn about your microbiome and how you can arm it to fight disease.

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Best Google search alternatives that you'll use over and over

Google has become the go-to search site, but have you ever googled a word only to be bombarded by targeted ads and links that had nothing to do with your question? In this podcast, we will share with you alternatives to Google that will give you the desired results. Whether you’re looking for movies to stream or fabulous photos from space, and anything in between. These browsers will give you fewer ads, and in many cases, won’t track you like Google does!

Click or tap to start using something other than Google.

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