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Countdown to Christmas with Google Santa Tracker

It's not long now until jolly old St. Nick comes sliding down our chimney to bring us presents. Until then, many of us with...
Cool Sites December 12, 2018

Find discounted and free e-books

One of the coolest changes brought by technology is the e-book. The days of lugging that bulky book around are essentially over. We now...
Cool Sites November 27, 2018

Where do you fit into the 7 billion people on Earth?

There are over 7 billion humans living on this Earth. Sometimes that can be hard to wrap your head around. Well with this amazing...
Cool Sites November 15, 2018

Watch Alaska's bears on an amazing live cam

Have you dreamed of going on an African safari? Or do you long to immerse yourself in nature and watch wild animals in their...
Cool Sites October 20, 2018

Stream thousands of documentaries absolutely free

Who doesn't enjoy a good documentary? This site has thousands of documentaries you can stream for free, without Netflix, Hulu or other streaming service.
Cool Sites October 13, 2018

Google's secret text adventure game

Now, developers at Google have done it again. They've hidden a different kind of "Easter egg" within the Google search bar. This new game...
Cool Sites October 5, 2018

Help your favorite child learn computer programming

A new app is allowing children to begin to learn coding through simple-to-use tools and games.
Cool Sites October 4, 2018

Site lets you track sharks around the world

Thanks to technology you can now learn about sharks and feel a connection to them right from your very own computer. This shark tracker...
Cool Sites September 24, 2018

A place to go when you need a pick-me-up

Sometimes you need a pick-me-up from all the world’s doom and gloom or maybe just a quick mental break. Everyone needs to take a...
Cool Sites September 3, 2018

You'll be blown away by this stunning map of the wind

You'll love this stunning map of the wind. It's both informative and relaxing.
Cool Sites August 20, 2018
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