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10 best things to sell on Craigslist

Selling stuff online can be a great way to make some extra money. One of the most popular sites that is free to use is Craigslist. Before you use the site you should read our article on red flags of a scam on Craigslist.

You're going to get noticed, whether you're trying to sell top-of-the-line appliances you don't want anymore or old junk in your closet that someone else would love to own. More than 60 million people visit Craigslist every month, and they visit the site 50 billion times.

So, before you throw anything away, think about a more lucrative option: selling it. Are you ready to get that unsightly car out of your driveway? Are you sick of looking at that perfectly good TV in the garage that no one's watching?

Do yourself a favor and post them on Craigslist. Not only will you clear up space in your house, but you'll make some extra cash. If you're ready to get started, here are the top 10 things Craigslist shoppers buy.

1. Home Appliances


Home appliances can be super expensive to buy at a retail price. That's why they are such good items to sell on Craigslist. Typically, the most common home appliances such as refrigerators, washers and dryers, and dishwashers last a really long time. So, you might have extras sitting around your house.

Or, if you're in the process of upgrading, it would be wise to list them on Craigslist, instead of tossing them in the dump. Craigslist is the perfect place for someone to purchase a home appliance they can afford. Who knows? It could be your old one.

Note: If you have an appliance that no longer works, sell it anyway. List it at a low price and be honest about its condition. You'll be surprised how quickly someone takes it off your hands.

2. Electronics


Similar to home appliances, electronics sell fast on Craigslist because everyone needs them. But they can be expensive.

If you have electronics like TVs, tablets and gaming devices that you want to get rid of, and you price them so they're affordable for a lot of people, they'll sell fast on Craigslist.

Note: If you're not sure what to charge for something, check sites like eBay to see how much other people are asking for it.

3. Furniture


Well-maintained furniture such as bed frames, dressers, couches and dining room sets can go for a pretty penny on Craigslist. Better yet, it's fairly easy to buy cheap furniture, give it a facelift, then flip it for a profit.

As long as your furniture is clean and in good shape, it should be easy to sell. After all, everyone needs furniture for their home.

Note: Take clear pictures and include details about the condition of the furniture to prevent any misunderstandings.

4. Cars


Cars also sell well on Craigslist. They're a necessity for most people, so they're always in demand. If you need to get rid of a vehicle but don't want the hassle of going through a dealer, Craigslist is a good option. Just make sure you are upfront with potential buyers.

Another way to make money, if you're good at fixing cars, is to find a cheap one and fix it up. Then, turn around and sell it to someone else for a profit.

Note: Always include clear photos and your car's complete history. Plus, before you list it, check Kelley Blue Book to see what it's worth.

5. Building supplies


Leftover lumber, scrap metal and other building supplies sell surprisingly well. If you've ever remodeled your home or redecorated a room, you know that home improvement projects get expensive real fast.

So, if you have an ugly pile of scraps that is collecting dust, you know a do-it-yourselfer is out there looking to buy it on the cheap. List it on Craigslist. It's free, and you could turn trash into cash. It's a win-win.

Note: If you're not sure how much to charge for used building supplies, start by looking into how much new ones cost at Home Depot and Lowe's.

6. Bicycles


There is usually a high demand for a nice used bicycle. College kids are always on the lookout for a great way to get around campus and a bike is a great alternative to public transportation.

Note: Make sure the bicycle is in good shape with some minor repairs so you can fetch top-dollar.

7. Computer/Laptop


Desktops, laptops and netbooks all sell really well on Craigslist. It's a great way to pick up some spare cash that will help you upgrade your system.

Tech savvy people are always looking to buy old equipment, make a few repairs and turn around and sell it for a little profit. So even if you have an old computer with a few issues, don't hesitate to put it up for sale. Just make sure to let the buyer know of any problems ahead of time to avoid any conflicts down the road.

Note: Be sure to securely erase the memory of the hard drive for any computer you're selling. This is the best way to ensure that your personal information doesn't end up with the buyer.

8. Tickets to concerts and sporting events

tickets, guitar, concert, event

Did you purchase tickets to an event and now you are not able to make it to the show? Craigslist is a great place to sell any tickets that would normally go unused. Concerts, sporting events, musicals and plays are all easily sold on Craigslist.

Note: Selling tickets above face value is not allowed on Craigslist. If the site discovers tickets selling for more than face value they will be flagged and removed.

9. Yard equipment

lawn mower

Used yard equipment like chainsaws, lawn mowers, leaf blowers and weed eaters are big sellers on Craigslist. If you're looking to upgrade your equipment, selling your old items can be a breeze. The local handyman is always in the market for these types of items to make some minor repairs and sell them for a nice profit.

Note: If you are not sure what the going rate is for used yard equipment, take a look around eBay and compare with items selling there.

10. Cellphones


Cellphone technology is always changing rapidly. You buy the newest, shiniest smartphone and six months later it can feel outdated. A great way to stay up on the latest tech without breaking the bank is to sell your old gadget on Craigslist.

Demand for gently used smartphones is high because it costs so much to replace a broken or lost phone.

Note: If you have newer phones, like the latest iPhone that are in high demand, you can usually price them a bit higher.

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