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6 essential features you need in a home security system

Presented by SimpliSafe

Presented by SimpliSafe

For a limited time, save 20% on your SimpliSafe security system, and get your first month free when you sign up for Interactive Monitoring.

Most people who don’t have home security systems yet are probably still planning on installing one in the future. How many times have you left your home thinking, “I wish I had some kind of protection system in place?”

Although it’s one thing you feel is extremely important, most of the time you put it off. Why? Maybe you’re thinking about the hassles of a traditional home security system — the complicated installation process, the monthly contractual obligations and even the need for a landline. Stop. You’re overthinking it.

Leave all your preconceived notions about home security systems at the door. There’s a better and easier way. With our sponsor, SimpliSafe, your security system can be simple. SimpliSafe revolutionizes the way we think about home security. Tap or click here to see the hidden perks of a SimpliSafe security system.

1. Easy installation

Are you daunted by the task of installing a complete security system in your home? Well, with SimpliSafe, you don’t have to be. All you need are a few everyday handyman skills, and your entire system can be set up in under 15 minutes.

Don’t even think about pulling out a drill — you won’t need it. You can stick SimpliSafe’s wireless sensors onto walls, doors and windows without peppering your house with holes. SimpliSafe is the quick and easy do-it-yourself home security solution you’ve been waiting for. Here’s a video showing how easy it is:

2. Totally wireless

Get the Starter package, which includes the core components: a base station, wireless keypad, one motion sensor, one entry sensor and a master keychain remote — essentially everything you need to protect the average home.

The base station is the heart of your SimpliSafe system. It’s a 10.5-inch futuristic cylindrical white cone that won’t look out of place. Position it right in the middle of your house and you’re in business. The base station is equipped with a loud 85-decibel siren that discourages would-be burglars from breaking in.

The next core component is your Wireless Keypad, required for arming and disarming the system while you’re in the house. The master keychain remote also lets you rearm or disarm when leaving or entering your premises.

With the SimpliSafe Interactive Plan, you can even control your whole home security system remotely via SimpliSafe iOS and Android apps. For bigger homes, add additional protective sensors like entry sensors, motion sensors and glass break sensors as needed.

Plus, SimpliSafe can protect your home from elemental hazards. You can add other wireless non-security sensors like fire, freeze and carbon monoxide to keep you safe and secure. 

Better yet, since the system is wireless and setting it up is a breeze, it can easily move with you from house to house or even to an apartment. Tap or click here to learn more about SimpliSafe’s wireless sensors.

3. SimpliSafe Cameras

SimpliSafe’s customizable home security packages got even better with the addition of its wireless camera, called the SimpliCam. These record in HD video, are always on the lookout and use motion sensors to alert you of any would-be intruders.

Set these up to keep an eye on key areas of your home. With the use of “Intelligent Recording,” when the system detects a break-in, the SimpliCams kick into action, recording sharp, HD quality video you can review and use as evidence later.

Because some people are concerned about installing cameras in their homes due to personal privacy, SimpliSafe cameras offer “Extreme Privacy Control.” Which gives you complete control over when the lens is open and closed.

Each SimpliCam is only $99 and you can view the footage from your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can also livestream the footage if you’d like. Otherwise, anything captured by the cameras will be stored for 30 days on SimpliSafe’s servers with the standard monthly plan.

4. No need for landline or Wi-Fi

Another great thing about SimpliSafe is it doesn’t rely on common points of failure like a wired landline or even a Wi-Fi network. The base station uses its own cellular SIM card to communicate with SimpliSafe’s monitoring center.

That means even if your home phone or internet connection goes down, your home will still be protected.

5. 24/7 live monitoring

Even with SimpliSafe’s Standard Plan, you get around-the-clock monitoring for about 50 cents a day.

When the system is triggered, aside from the local siren sounding off, the alert will be transmitted instantly to the company’s live monitoring team. They will then contact the police to investigate and will also give you a call.

With the Interactive Plan, in addition to 24/7 live monitoring, you’ll also get on-the-go mobile control, SMS text and email alerts, power outage protection, smoke and fire protection and more for only 83 cents a day.

6. No long-term contracts

One of the main reasons we love SimpliSafe’s home security system is that it offers outstanding professional home monitoring without long-term contracts.

There are no commitments, no hidden fees and no activation or installation fees. For as low as $14.99 a month, which you can cancel any time, you can have complete protection and the peace of mind you’ve been waiting for.

Get the only home security system Kim trusts and recommends. Visit right now and receive a 60-day, money-back guarantee, free shipping and free returns.

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