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High tech bullet-proof police protection gear that you can get too

Today’s battlefield is right here on our city streets, and domestic terrorism is getting harder to predict. But for every life lost in the...
Tips March 9, 2018

Top secret technology that would stop a North Korea nuke

North Korea has been issuing threats for years. But lately, it’s been firing off more test missiles. The U.S. isn’t taking it sitting down...
Happening Now December 6, 2017

TOP STORY: Iranian surveillance drone flies over U.S. aircraft carrier

Just weeks after signing an historic nuclear agreement with the United States, Iran flew a drone capable of carrying weapons over a U.S. aircraft.
Happening Now February 11, 2016

Boeing built a laser cannon to shoot down drones

Drones are quickly becoming the next big tech market. In just a few years, they've gone from a basic cheap toy, or very expensive...
Happening Now August 28, 2015

You can buy anti-drone ammo, but you shouldn't

Drones are more popular than ever now that they're getting less expensive and easier to fly. But they're also more unpopular as people worry...
Happening Now August 19, 2015

Is this viral handgun drone legal?

I've told you about the future of drone laws and how they're being shaped all across the country. But now we have another doozy...
Happening Now July 22, 2015

The U.S. races to defend against future space attacks

There's a new space race starting up, and the Pentagon is determined not to lose to Russia and China. It's like the 1950s all...
Happening Now June 24, 2015

Sci-fi now real! See amazing new U.S. Navy weapon

You may have heard railguns referenced in science fiction films, but now there's a real one. The Navy and Marine Corps debuted their amazing new...
Happening Now February 6, 2015

China has a microwave beam that burns your insides

Imagine Chinese soldiers armed with death ray weapons that can cause crippling pain by burning you from the inside out at long range. China...
Happening Now December 12, 2014