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Happy Valentine's Day! Try to find the heart among these colorful elephants

It's Valentine's Day, which means you are bound to see hearts pretty much everywhere. But can you find the heart in this photo of...
Happening Now February 14, 2018

Zombie bots are coming to steal Valentine's Day hearts

Valentine’s Day is a time for love and affection, but while many will go out to celebrate, others will end up staying at home...
Happening Now February 13, 2018

How Amazon's Alexa can take your Valentine's Day to the next level

Valentine’s Day is saddled with great expectations. If you’re in a relationship, you might be tasked with planning an elaborate dinner. If you’re single,...
Happening Now February 11, 2018

My Komando Shop weekend deals you can’t miss

Keeping an eye out for all the deals this shopping season? It can be hard to keep track of them all. We decided to...
Happening Now December 2, 2017

This year’s most hackable holiday gifts

Think about what kind of gifts you REALLY want for the upcoming holiday season. Be honest now, it's very likely that at the top...
Tips December 2, 2017

Essential tips to help you navigate crowded airports with ease

Your suitcase may be packed, but that doesn't mean you're fully prepared for your holiday break. Thankfully, there are simple things you can do...
Tips November 4, 2017

The best Secret Santa picker websites

In big families and small offices across the country, "Secret Santa" is one of the great holiday traditions. By picking random recipients and covertly...
Cool Sites November 25, 2016

Accidental text leads to Thanksgiving surprise

This is hilarious! When an Arizona woman tried to invite her grandson to Thanksgiving dinner, something went wrong. The twist at the end is...
Happening Now November 19, 2016

Sponsor Content: Delicious gift idea you can order online

Do you need a fantastic gift idea for someone this Valentine's Day? Try a high-quality brownie that you can order online. If you own...
Cool Sites January 31, 2016

Why it's OK to say 'Merry Christmas' to me

As someone who has been in the broadcasting business for over 20 years, I’ve noticed a trend each year with my callers. During the...
Happening Now December 10, 2015

Kim's Top 10 Tech Gifts of 2015

Not sure what tech gifts to buy this Christmas? Here are my top 10 gifts that should be on your shopping list.
Tips December 9, 2015

The year's hottest Christmas decorations, and where to find them

Tired of seeing the same old Christmas decorations year after year? Check out these high-tech decorations you're sure to love.
Tips December 8, 2015

Keep your address book up to date and make custom holiday cards

Even though traditional mail is sadly going the way of the buffalo, everyone loves getting Christmas cards. There's just something about them that makes...
Cool Sites December 3, 2015

Internet gives a Merry Christmas to boy alone on an island

Imagine being the only kid in your school. Now imagine being the only kid in your community, or town. Now imagine being the only...
Happening Now December 3, 2015

Track your packages and improve online shopping with a single app

Where are those packages you ordered? Make sure those important parcels arrive on time with this do-it-all app.
Apps October 14, 2015

15 great stocking stuffer ideas for all that won't break the bank

Where does the time go? It seems like Black Friday was just yesterday. Now, Christmas is just a mere 13 days away and if you...
Happening Now December 12, 2014

Be confident your gifts will arrive on time. Read every shipper's holiday deadlines

When it comes to buying and sending a Christmas gift to a friend or family member, procrastination is a killer. Last-minute gift giving is...
Happening Now December 3, 2014

Target takes on Amazon for holiday shopping and you could be the winner

Target really wants your business. It wants your business so badly, in fact, that it's taking on Amazon head-to-head by slashing your cost on...
Happening Now October 22, 2014

10 best romantic Netflix movies to watch with your Valentine

Pop open a bottle of wine and snuggle up next to your honey with one of the best romantic movies on Netflix.
Happening Now February 14, 2014

Today's Valentine's Google Doodle is heartwarming

Today's Valentine's Google Doodle offers six emotional stories about true love.
Happening Now February 14, 2014


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