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Go inside the world of child sex trafficking, abduction, and hate group recruiting

Kids run away in search of love only to be held captive by sex traffickers, hate groups and terrorists. Every single second, 40 kids...
Happening Now November 30, 2018

FBI: Terrorist drones coming is 100% guaranteed

We've been telling you for some time that a major cyberattack is coming. It's not a matter of if, but when. Now, the FBI...
Happening Now September 29, 2017

How terrorists are taking over the Internet and why no one can stop them

Terrorist groups use the Internet to plan deadly attacks and recruit extremists. Here's why ISIS and other terrorists' online activity may never be stopped.
Happening Now April 3, 2016

Facebook's embarrassing worldwide security blunder

Facebook has an admirable system that lets terrorist victims tell their families they're OK. There's only one really big, embarrassing problem with it.
Happening Now March 28, 2016

Inside the Obama Administration’s Attempt To Bring Tech Companies Into the Fight Against ISIS

The Department of Justice brought together leaders from New York's ad agencies, Silicon Valley and Hollywood to fight a growing online threat: ISIS. The...
Happening Now February 29, 2016

Terrorist victims side with FBI in fight over Apple's encrypted phones

The federal government has a new ally in its battle with Apple over the iPhone maker's refusal to unlock a dead terrorist's encrypted phone.
Happening Now February 22, 2016