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One app you should stop if your iPhone keeps dying

Between social media, GPS, streaming video and all the other things you use your iPhone for, you might notice your battery draining very quickly....
Tips March 20, 2019

Stargazing app millions of people are using

Have you ever looked up at the night sky just to enjoy the stars? There are so many of them, with maybe even some...
Apps June 7, 2018

Facebook is going to beam free satellite Internet to Africa

Most days, you don't even think about life before the Internet. You use the Web for so many everyday tasks and fun, from chatting...
Happening Now October 5, 2015

The U.S. races to defend against future space attacks

There's a new space race starting up, and the Pentagon is determined not to lose to Russia and China. It's like the 1950s all...
Happening Now June 24, 2015

A satellite that can count the number of chickens on a farm is now overhead

Look up. Somewhere up there, floating 385 miles above your head, is one of the most sophisticated pieces of machinery humanity has ever built....
Happening Now August 16, 2014

How we know where the missile was fired from

American satellites tracked the missile launch that shot down Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 to pro-Russian territory.
Happening Now July 21, 2014

Satellites get permission to sell images zoomed in to 12 inches

Brand new legislation means that Google Maps will now be able to zoom even further. It also means that the value of our privacy...
Happening Now June 16, 2014

AT&T plans to buy DirecTV - for $50 billion

AT&T wants to go big, and DirecTV is the target. The two are in talks for a $50 billion buyout. DirecTV, the largest satellite...
Happening Now May 13, 2014

If Google can see the car in your driveway, why can't satellites see floating debris?

In the search for the missing Malaysian airliner, many folks are wondering why the satellite imagery of debris floating in the Indian Ocean is...
Happening Now March 24, 2014