Other stories about Radiation

Worried about the harmful effects of technology? This major watch company wants to help

A famous watchmaker has joined efforts to protect people from the ill effects of technology. The goal is to create products that block electromagnetic...
Happening Now August 14, 2019

Do AirPods and other EarPods cause cancer? Here's the scary research

Apple's new AirPods are an undeniable hit. They are convenient and don't need those annoying cords. Well, it seems getting rid of that cord...
Happening Now March 13, 2019

Mobile phone cancer warning as malignant brain tumors double

It was not that long ago when cell phones were not particularly common. Sure, these days you cannot go anywhere without seeing someone using...
Happening Now May 4, 2018

Wi-Fi increases a pregnant woman's risk of miscarriage

For years I have talked about the dangers of cellphone radiation. Now new research shows cellphone and Wi-Fi radiation is dangerous for pregnant women.
Happening Now December 17, 2017

Are cellphones dangerous to your health?

It’s hard to imagine life without cellphones. They're attached to our hips, in our pockets and purses. We can choose all kinds of alerts...
Downloads September 9, 2017

Mobile phones are 'cooking' men's sperm

Trying to have a child? Your lack of success might have to do with your cellphone, according to a new study.
Happening Now February 22, 2016

X-ray vision by 2017! For $250!

X-ray vision is one of those superpowers that seems like it would be creepy more often than useful. Now we're going to find out for...
Happening Now December 25, 2015

A new study claims there is a link between cellphone use and cancer

A lot of people are getting pretty scared about the health consequences of using cellphones. Over the years, there have been many scientific studies showing...
Happening Now August 1, 2015

Those mutated Fukushima daisies are just another myth on Facebook

(Pictured above: Fasciated White Mule's Ear flower photographed in Island Park, Idaho) Facebook and Twitter are great places to discover the latest and strangest news, but...
Happening Now August 1, 2015

This weird router has a 'pregnancy mode'

One company is selling a router with a special setting for pregnant women. It's causing all sorts of controversy between tech giants. Click here...
Happening Now June 25, 2015