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High tech bullet-proof police protection gear that you can get too

Today’s battlefield is right here on our city streets, and domestic terrorism is getting harder to predict. But for every life lost in the...
Tips March 9, 2018

How to get a rare World War II M1911 pistol from the U.S. Army stockpile

Ever want to get your hands on an historic World War II weapon? These guys are prized by collectors all around the country and...
Happening Now January 8, 2018

Top secret technology that would stop a North Korea nuke

North Korea has been issuing threats for years. But lately, it’s been firing off more test missiles. The U.S. isn’t taking it sitting down...
Happening Now December 6, 2017

Replace lost military awards and medals

Recognitions from the U.S. military such as medals, decorations, and awards are often considered as historical mementos and priceless family heirlooms. As such, they...
Cool Sites September 29, 2017

Get a copy of your or a loved one's military records

Millions of Americans have given their service, sometimes even their lives, to uphold what makes this country great. If you're looking for information about...
Cool Sites September 25, 2017

Navy will use Xbox 360 controllers on nuclear powered submarines

Sometimes I'm amazed at what we can do with modern technology. The general public can use items like smartphones, tablets and laptops to accomplish...
Happening Now September 21, 2017

Weaponized police drones patrolling the sky

Have you been paying attention to the drone phenomenon sweeping the nation? People love using these nifty flying machines to capture HD aerial videos...
Happening Now April 1, 2017

Amazon training veterans and military spouses for high-demand jobs

This is exciting! Amazon is gearing up to hire and train thousands of veterans, as well as military spouses. And these aren't just jobs...
Cool Sites January 25, 2017

Veteran accuses the Wounded Warrior Project of wasting millions

We're big supporters of our military men and women here at Komando.com, and we feel that they should get the honor and respect they deserve...
Happening Now January 27, 2016

Entertainment and news for U.S. military and their families

A fun and informative site that's geared toward U.S. veterans, active military, and their families.
Cool Sites January 6, 2016

Electromagnetic doomsday weapons could soon destroy us (maybe)

One of the many side effects of detonating nuclear weapons is something called an electromagnetic pulse. Basically, it's a burst of energy that knocks...
Happening Now December 4, 2015

The military is building a plasma gun to deafen enemies

When you hear the words "plasma gun," you're probably thinking of those blue lasers from the "G.I. Joe" cartoons. Pretty soon, our military could have...
Happening Now August 2, 2015

The Army accidentally warned hacking victims away from credit protection

In the wake of any data breach, we at Komando.com warn you to be on the lookout for phishing scams. That's because hackers are...
Happening Now July 22, 2015

The U.S. Navy is blowing $9 million a year on Windows XP

Why is the U.S. Navy wasting money on Windows XP?
Happening Now July 2, 2015

ISIS terrorist posts a selfie: BOOM!

The terrorist group ISIS is really good at social media. Even though every major social network has policies against posting terrorist messages, ISIS still...
Happening Now June 5, 2015

U.S. Army testing handheld energy weapon

A staple of science fiction movies is the energy weapon, also known as the laser guy, ray gun, particle weapon, energy blaster or whatever the...
Happening Now April 24, 2015

Check out this insane fighter jet helmet that lets pilots see through solid metal

When it comes to having the newest and coolest military tech, the U.S. has every other country beat. I mean, what other nation is...
Happening Now April 3, 2015

Boeing invents real Star Wars-style force fields

They say that life imitates art, and in this case it's a really cool and, if it works, an extremely effective way to keep...
Happening Now March 24, 2015

Report: ISIS targets troops and families online

Are you familiar with the term "doxing?" It's showing up more and more in the news these days. It's a very harmful hacking practice...
Happening Now March 23, 2015

Sci-fi now real! See amazing new U.S. Navy weapon

You may have heard railguns referenced in science fiction films, but now there's a real one. The Navy and Marine Corps debuted their amazing new...
Happening Now February 6, 2015
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