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Check your router! This brand needs a major security patch and update!

Check your home Wi-Fi router right now! If you own one particular brand your data may be at serious risk. Even scarier is the...
Happening Now May 20, 2019

FEMA exposes millions of disaster survivors' data in 'major privacy incident'

It's safe to say that data breaches, whether accidental or deliberate, are out of control. The problem is getting so bad that the government...
Happening Now March 25, 2019

Traveling overseas? Hand over your devices or face $5,000 fine

New Zealand has enacted a new, strange law that allows customs officials to probe through your phone in an effort for more "safety."
Happening Now October 2, 2018

Biggest hack in Facebook history! 50 million accounts taken over by hackers

Over 50 Million Facebook users had their personal information stolen this week in a massive data breach. Passwords, birthdays, relatives and even in same...
Happening Now September 30, 2018

Facebook's 52,000 data points on each person reveal something shocking about its future

While the site says it is focusing more on privacy and user experience, it still wants to keep learning about us. The reasons vary,...
Happening Now September 17, 2018

Some iPhone apps are tracking your location and selling the data

It would be tough for a maps app to be effective, for instance, if it did not know where you were. Other apps, such...
Happening Now September 14, 2018

Government website exposed Social Security numbers, personal info

An online problem had a big impact on not a business, but the United States government. That’s worrisome. Due to some unforeseen issue, personal...
Happening Now September 7, 2018

Watch out, 2 million phone users had their data exposed

Rare is the day where we don't learn of a security breach or hack. The only questions, really, are who they affected and what...
Happening Now August 24, 2018

Researchers find Google collects more data than users think

Perhaps now more than ever we are paying attention to what tech companies know about us. Facebook's troubles opened the floodgates, so to speak,...
Happening Now August 22, 2018

Request your data from different companies

Many sites and apps have been more forthcoming about what they have, while also providing avenues for us to see and even download their...
Cool Sites August 5, 2018
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