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Tweak your computer's appearance and maintain its performance

Computers are made so well these days, it's not uncommon to keep one for years. But, you may want to perk up its appearance...
Downloads February 12, 2017

Remove 'ghosted' hardware from your registry

Find hardware you no longer use that's still on your computer's registry. Then, get rid of it.
Downloads February 12, 2016

Quick fixes for computer printers

Find simple instructions to fix your printer.
Cool Sites November 16, 2015

Update your PC's hardware drivers now

Make sure your computer's hardware has the most recent drivers installed with this free program.
Downloads September 18, 2015

Serious hacking attacks hit the world's top router brand

Sophisticated hackers have been infecting network routers with malicious software for at least a year, and you need to know about it. So far,...
Happening Now September 17, 2015

What computer did you have back in 2001? Intel could owe you money

Think back to 2001. Do you remember what kind of computer you had? Dell? Gateway? HP? More specifically, do you remember what kind of...
Happening Now October 31, 2014


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