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Get this Microsoft Office alternative for free

While Microsoft Office and Google Suites vie for the biggest slices of the office suite market share pie, there are other options available.
Downloads November 8, 2019

Don't accidentally install junk when you download software

There have long been debates over which apps or programs out there are the best. One thing we can all agree on is that...
Downloads March 13, 2019

Get the best screenshot tool for your computer

There are tons of situations where you need to take a screenshot. Perhaps you want to show someone a cool exchange from your favorite...
Downloads January 9, 2019

A free Photoshop clone that runs in your browser

Photoshop is great, but it can be extremely expensive. Did you know there's a program that has all the power of Photoshop, and runs...
Cool Sites December 10, 2018

Turn off your computer automatically, and more

Sometimes we can forget that computers need to take breaks, too. They are like any other piece of technology because they need to be...
Downloads December 8, 2018

5 free Windows 10 downloads you can't miss!

If you've been using a PC for a while, you probably know that you can add software, like photo editors, graphics programs, productivity apps...
Downloads October 18, 2018

Free software to detect and prevent network intrusions

As some of the recent data breaches at big companies can tell you, hacks, phishing, viruses, and malware can be absolutely devastating to a...
Downloads September 25, 2018

Safe, bloatware-free software for your computer

When you are already spending hundreds of dollars or more to upgrade your system with a new computer, you don't want to spend a...
Downloads May 26, 2017

Free alternatives to Microsoft Word, Photoshop, and more

For years, people have grumbled about the price of software. Adobe products have always been expensive and Microsoft Office is a staple for computers...
Columns May 13, 2017

Free software from NASA! Here's where you can get it

NASA is usually pretty tight-lipped about how it does things, but the free software catalog it's just released offers details on launching spacecraft, exploring...
Happening Now March 4, 2017
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