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Facebook abandons internet drone plans

Around-the-clock internet access has changed our lives significantly - in this modern age of telecommunications, we can rummage the web for information, communicate with...
Happening Now June 27, 2018

TIME creates stunning magazine cover using almost 1,000 drones

TIME magazine is known for having some amazing covers. Be it portraits, paintings, photos of people, animals, scenes and events -- they have all...
Happening Now June 2, 2018

7 tech toys to keep kids occupied during school breaks

“I’m bored.” Those are words you never want to hear from your kids. You can head this off at the pass by being prepared...
Tips February 2, 2018

Are drones used by the U.S. government spying for China?

Drones are getting more popular each day. Most of us use them for fun or for capturing dramatic home videos. But the U.S. government...
Happening Now December 2, 2017

Do you agree with how this police department is using drones?

Incidents like the mass shooting in Las Vegas have left many fearful of being at public events. Can you blame them? The gunman fired...
Happening Now October 21, 2017

Drone crashes into a commercial jet for the first time

Do you own a drone or know someone who does? People are using these cool toys to capture some of the most breathtaking graphics...
Happening Now October 17, 2017

FBI: Terrorist drones coming is 100% guaranteed

We've been telling you for some time that a major cyberattack is coming. It's not a matter of if, but when. Now, the FBI...
Happening Now September 29, 2017

Geek thing: You can get a degree online to build self-driving cars in 4 months

Self-driving cars have become the new craze. Wouldn't be great if you could learn how to build one? And even better, you can do...
Happening Now September 26, 2017

Crazy ways food will be delivered in the future

Look! Up in the sky! It’s not a bird. It’s not a plane. It’s not Superman. It’s that pizza you ordered for dinner. Technology...
Tips May 1, 2017

Unbelievable wildlife videos captured by drones

There’s a beautiful world out there full of majestic animals, most of which have no interest in hanging around with humans. Flying drones equipped...
Tips February 7, 2017

Super Bowl 51: All the drones that stole the show

You saw it. You wondered how it happened. I know it because we’re a lot alike. I have the inside scoop that details how...
Happening Now February 6, 2017

Top things you need to know about Amazon's same-day delivery

We've told you how Amazon is working hard to make sure your deliveries, everything from groceries to a home theater system, arrive at your...
Tips January 20, 2017

GoPro recalls top product

Executives at GoPro have some bad news surrounding one of the company's most anticipated products. Every unit sold is impacted by a defect that's...
Happening Now November 10, 2016

TOP STORY: Iranian surveillance drone flies over U.S. aircraft carrier

Just weeks after signing an historic nuclear agreement with the United States, Iran flew a drone capable of carrying weapons over a U.S. aircraft.
Happening Now February 11, 2016

Can you shoot at drones flying over your land?

Drones, guns and privacy. Talk about hot-button issues. Drones, of course, are suddenly everywhere. At least 700,000 drones were sold in just the United...
Happening Now January 16, 2016

This robot sticks to walls like a gecko with wheels

You know Disney for its classic movies, like "Cinderella," and its record-breaking "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." Of course, Disney has its theme parks,...
Happening Now January 2, 2016

Guess who'll be able to see the names on the FAA's drone registry list

We been keeping you informed of the ongoing saga of drone registration, and now there's a new chapter. Earlier this year, the Federal Aviation...
Happening Now December 21, 2015

Enlisted personnel can now be Air Force drone pilots

Most of the news you've heard lately about drones has to do with hobby and commercial drones. However, today we have news out of...
Happening Now December 18, 2015

Check out the world's first commercial 'droneport'

If it feels like drones are taking over the world, there's a good reason for that. For one thing, they're one of this year's...
Happening Now December 16, 2015

Own a drone? You have to register it with the FAA

You might remember that earlier this year the Federal Aviation Administration announced it was going to start a registration system for drones. There had been...
Happening Now December 14, 2015
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