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Simple phishing emails were behind the biggest North Korean hacks

You probably know that the biggest cyberattacks in recent memory - the Sony Pictures breach, the Bangladesh Bank heist, and the WannaCry ransomware attacks...
Happening Now September 9, 2018

Dark Web traffickers arrested in government sting

We have often written about the Dark Web, the mysterious shady place where all sorts of nefarious things happen online. Most of it is...
Happening Now June 28, 2018

Tech support scammer fined millions for cons

Crooks are always on the lookout for opportunities to trick potential victims into forking over some of their hard-earned cash. One widespread ploy is...
Happening Now June 22, 2018

One Nigerian scam ended happily as a victim got $110,000 back after 10 years

It did not take long for the scam to become a running joke. You know, the one where someone claiming to be a prince,...
Happening Now June 20, 2018

Judge allows massive AT&T takeover of Time Warner

For months now people wondered if AT&T would be allowed to complete its takeover of Time Warner. The cost was $84.5 billion, but there...
Happening Now June 13, 2018

Terrorist victims side with FBI in fight over Apple's encrypted phones

The federal government has a new ally in its battle with Apple over the iPhone maker's refusal to unlock a dead terrorist's encrypted phone.
Happening Now February 22, 2016

Hackers leak DHS and FBI staff directories, DOJ may be next

Hackers have published contact information for 31,000-plus FBI and Department of Homeland Security employees. Politically motivated hackers say they'll release Department of Justice employees'...
Happening Now February 9, 2016

IRS tracks your phone with StingRays

If you thought the IRS had a bad reputation before, it's about to get worse. There is mounting evidence that the Internal Revenue Service...
Happening Now December 5, 2015

Get ready for thousands more police body cameras across the country

Like everyone else, you've heard about all the accusations the past year about police brutality, including some tragic deaths. The problem in many of...
Happening Now September 23, 2015