Other stories about Cyberwarfare

America's infrastructure is under attack by Russian hackers

Two things that have been in the news a lot lately are Russian hacking and American infrastructure. But those two stories are starting to...
Happening Now December 1, 2018

New Russian cyber threat has U.S Government on alert

No matter what kind of role you believe they played, it's pretty well understood that Russia tried to influence America's 2016 presidential election. How...
Happening Now April 26, 2018

Cyberwar is coming - How to prepare and make money from it

We’ve been hearing about an impending cyberwar for years. I know it’s scary and it’s a big security threat but did you know you...
Happening Now October 15, 2017

Top Story: NSA warns that cyberwar in U.S. is inevitable

The National Security Agency has a terrifying warning. The U.S. will be attacked by an enemy state or terrorist group. But how and when?
Happening Now March 4, 2016

Iranian hackers hit our infrastructure

The next World War will likely be fought at least in part over the Internet. State-sponsored hackers are working on plans to attack the...
Happening Now December 21, 2015

Electromagnetic doomsday weapons could soon destroy us (maybe)

One of the many side effects of detonating nuclear weapons is something called an electromagnetic pulse. Basically, it's a burst of energy that knocks...
Happening Now December 4, 2015

Iran hacks White House officials

President George W. Bush famously talked about the Axis of Evil, pointing to enemy regimes like North Korea, Iraq and Iran. America's strained relationships...
Happening Now November 7, 2015