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Q&A with Kim: Dueling assistants, outsmarting hackers, blocking texts, and more

Each week, I receive tons of questions from my listeners about tech concerns, new products and all things digital. Sometimes choosing the most interesting...
Columns January 28, 2018

Stop online advertisers from tracking you

Tired of advertisers tracking you online? Here's how put a stop to their invasion of your privacy.
Tips November 20, 2017

One way to stop Facebook from tracking you and serving you creepy ads

Whenever you use Facebook, does it seem like it's somehow been spying on you? An ad shows up for the watch you were just...
Tips November 15, 2017

How to stop ads from following you online

Ads following you around the internet is no coincidence. Whenever you search for products on one site, most likely you'll see related ads on...
Columns September 30, 2017

43 Disney apps spying on kids: See the list here

Kids and Disney go together like peanut butter and jelly. But the details in this article may make you reconsider. If your kids are...
Happening Now August 8, 2017

Google's tracking practices spark serious privacy concerns

You already know that Google is tracking everything you do online. But what if it could track you everywhere else too? Is it possible?...
Happening Now July 31, 2017

Take control of Google's interest-based ads

You've heard me talk about targeted ads before, but have you taken any steps to stop Google from tracking you? If you're tired of...
Tips April 22, 2017

Selfie app is (surprise!) tracking you

You've seen the selfies taken by this popular app. They're all over Facebook and Instagram, and other forms of social media. The app is...
Happening Now January 24, 2017

Don't let stores and airports track your movements!

It's the holiday season, which means everyone is out and about. But did you know that airports, retail stores and other operations can track...
Tips November 21, 2016

Here's how to stop Google from collecting data about you

Does the idea of Google tracking your every move creep you out? One reason Google tracks you is to provide you with targeted ads. This is when...
Tips October 14, 2016

Stop snoops and advertisers from tracking you on your computer, tablet and phone

Your web browser can open the door to snoops that spy on your every move. Some are harmful hackers, others are just marketers that...
Tips October 4, 2016

How do ads follow me around online?

Have you ever viewed a product online, and then noticed ads for that product popping up on every site? Behavioral tracking is a little...
Tips August 11, 2016

Finally! Now there's a way to opt-out of behavioral ads

Have you ever looked at a product online and then had an ad for it pop up on another site right afterward? If you...
Happening Now July 15, 2016

Opt-out of online targeted advertising networks and companies

Tired of ads following you from site to site and advertisers knowing where you browse? Find out how to stop these creepy ads.
Cool Sites April 25, 2016

See why this bus stop ad can spot police

You've probably already noticed how online ads can target and follow you from site to site based upon your search and online purchase history....
Happening Now June 2, 2015

Meet the shadow organizations injecting ads into your computer

Do you know what an "ad injector" is? Don't worry if you've never heard of it, because it's a fairly new term. In fact,...
Happening Now May 8, 2015

Facebook will sell real-time targeted ads during the Super Bowl

If you use the Internet, you've experience ad tracking and ad targeting. That's when an ad for a product or site you've looked at...
Happening Now January 30, 2015

New program lets Facebook follow you anywhere you go

Facebook launches new ad network, Atlas. That pretty much means that users will be tracked by advertisers 24/7.
Happening Now September 29, 2014

This ultra-secret tool tracks EVERYTHING you do online

New unblockable online code tracks everything you do online.
Happening Now July 22, 2014

iOS 8 will defend your privacy from marketers

Companies aren't just tracking you online; they track your movements in stores, airports and other locations. This is done using the unique Wi-Fi or...
Happening Now June 9, 2014


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