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Security tip: How to secure your garage from intruders

Presented by SimpliSafe

Presented by SimpliSafe

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Burglars cruising through your neighborhood will consider every port of entry as they plot to break into your home. We’re not just talking about doors or windows — they also target your garage. If you don’t secure your garage from intruders, you might as well be inviting them in.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 9% of home break-ins start with a garage breach. This might seem like a small number, but it’s estimated that there are over 1 million burglaries each year in the U.S. Thus, 90,000 burglaries begin with garage invasions.

Bottom line: Take the time to burglar-proof your garage — or else you could become another statistic. Sure, you can make your garage door smart for only $17. But there’s a lot more you can do. Read on to get started.

Luckily, it’s not hard to secure your garage

Ensure you aren’t leaving your garage door open. Many people feel so safe in their neighborhoods that they don’t even think of closing the door. Others like to smoke or play music in their garage, so they aren’t bothering the people inside the house.

However, you should always treat your garage with just as much caution as your front door. It’s still a potential entryway for burglars. You might trust your neighbors enough to leave your garage door open, but an open door is an invitation to burglars.

If you leave your door open and walk over to chat with a neighbor, a crafty thief could slip past your notice. For the sake of home security, follow these tips.

1. Set up motion sensors outside your garage

This is a helpful tip because sensors can alert you in the nick of time. You can find out if a thief is sneaking around your home, giving you enough time to get whatever you need to scare them off.

Just make sure you’re doing your research, so you don’t get a motion sensor that goes off for everything. Some are unsophisticated and will go off when raccoons or other animals scurry by. Get sensors from a high-tech brand like our sponsor, SimpliSafe, to arm yourself with the best protection.

2. Improve your outdoor lighting

Thieves often choose garages because they’re dark, so make it difficult for them. For example, a bright front porch could deter a robber, while a dark garage is inviting.

One way to change this is by adding extra lighting fixtures outside your garage. You can put small lights on the ground leading up to the garage. You could even add motion-detecting lights that go on whenever someone’s walking near your garage.

3. Beef up your entire security system

Think about how discreet you are. Maybe your garage windows let anyone peer through and see the treasures inside. One tip is to hide your garage door remote, so it isn’t in plain sight.

Kim recommends installing an entire security system. Sure, you can focus on specific areas like the garage — but you’re better off protecting everything. And when it comes to security systems, you can do no better than SimpliSafe.

This award-winning home security system comes with a team of highly trained security experts. SimpliSafe is there 24/7, with experts trained to not only keep you safe but to make you feel safe. It’s one of the many reasons U.S. News recently called SimpliSafe “the best home security of 2021.”

For a limited time, save 20% on your SimpliSafe security system, and get your first month free when you sign up for Interactive Monitoring.

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