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Home security 101: Where to put cameras

Presented by SimpliSafe

Presented by SimpliSafe

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When it comes to home security, camera placement is everything. Tech gadgets can be finicky, so their location can make a difference. For example, here are the best places to put your router for better internet speeds.

When it comes to setting up security cameras, a little forethought goes a long way. If you don’t think about where to place indoor and outdoor cameras, your security system might not do its job correctly. You need to have a director’s eye, setting up cameras in particular spots so they can best catch burglars.

For instance, placing a camera high in the room and pointing it towards the back door could help you catch burglars. But putting a camera on a low table behind a house plant means your footage won’t be clear or helpful in a police investigation. If you want to make the most of your security system, bookmark this page to remember where to place home security cameras.

1. Doors and windows on the ground floor

Sure, some burglars are athletic enough to pull a Spiderman and come in through the second story. But let’s be honest: Most people want to break in easily. They want to come into your house the same way you do — through the ground floor.

That’s why you should install cameras on your ground-level doors. Set up cameras inside and outside. This way, you can catch a clear image of their face as they walk up to your front door and see everything they do once they break in.

Don’t forget side doors, either. You may think someone won’t sneak into your backyard or crawl through your bushes to get to the sides of your home. Don’t underestimate the persistence of burglars!

2. Place them high up

When you look up where to place home security cameras, you’ll come across this advice time and time again. That’s because placement makes a world of difference.

For example, the worst place you can put a camera is on the ground. You might step on it, your dog might shower it (if you know what I mean), and it doesn’t record footage that would help you catch a burglar.

Positioning cameras up high is the ideal location. This placement means your camera will be able to get the whole picture. Having cameras eight to 10 feet off the ground means you’re more likely to see a burglar’s entire body, which can help police narrow down the list of suspects.

This way, your security cameras can cover the most ground. They can see the entire room, which gives you a clear picture of anything going on in your home. Plus, placing security cams up high makes it harder for burglars to mess with them.

3. Set up your camera in the corner of the room

You learned how important it is to give your security cameras a high vantage point in the last step. But that’s not all. You want to put them in the corner of the room so they can get a complete picture of what’s happening.

Speaking of camera setup, you might want to disguise your camera in some home decorations, so burglars are less likely to snatch them and run away with the evidence.

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