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Woman kills Instagram lookalike, encryption 101, ChatGPT news

February 7, 2023
All rise: Emojis have entered the court. Plus, three WFH jobs that pay $20 per hour, a popular game for kids goes woke and a high-tech way to protect your logins that’s better than 2FA.

ChatGPT could steal your job, EV dangers, new YouTube labels

February 6, 2023
Plus, Gen Z goes old school for money management, avoid stalkers on dating apps, use your phone to hang pictures the easy way, how to record your computer screen for free, get the cheapest airfare and a trick to find every Wi-Fi network password.

Video doorbell solves murder, TikTok cancer scam, best apps for seniors

February 3, 2023
Plus, watch out for this dangerous app, three quick computer tricks, why vintage video games are making a comeback, the richest dog in the world and a weird new way to make money.

Paper map revival, best TV settings, subtitle tips

February 2, 2023
What would you save in a fire? Most of us would run to our smartphones. Plus, why 50% of people don't connect the internet to smart tech, Netflix password sharing will be banned by late March and how to digitize your most important documents.

Get weather alerts and $360 in freebies, cat chess, Xbox goes woke

February 1, 2023
Plus, why MacBooks are being sold for scrap, use physical security keys to protect your Apple accounts, end-to-end encryption in Facebook Messenger and cool ways to use your router's USB ports.

Facebook killer, tech layoffs, gas vs. electric cars

January 31, 2023
Emailing your doctor? Prepare for fees. Plus, rent your car for cash, why you need a new email address ASAP and how to find spy cams with your phone.

Most invasive apps, Netflix sharing ends, ChatGPT news

January 30, 2023
Plus, watch out for this important tax change when using Venmo or Paypal, access Netflix's new workout hub, my favorite eBay tip and why white-collar workers should be worried about ChatGPT.

Exploding iPhones, ChatGPT vs. teachers, Bigfoot sighting

January 27, 2023
Plus, Ticketmaster's fight with Congress, how to find a dead phone you lost, the best apps for romantics and a weird new way to make money.

Earn $1,500 by dating, stop phone scammers, worst tech mistakes

January 26, 2023
Don't wear your Apple Watch when you're boxing. It could call the cops! Plus, how to protect your IP address, Netflix will pay $385,000 for a flight attendant, what really happens to 'unsent' texts and why GM’s new Chevy Corvette is a hybrid and not an all-electric car.
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