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Want to learn more about this digital life we’re all immersed in? Each day, Kim Komando shares the tech news that impacts you, smart tips to get more out of your devices, and essential ways to protect yourself from hackers and scammers — all in just 30 minutes.

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Heated seat scandal, pay with your palm, Meta bot hates Meta

November 28, 2022
Why aren't Americans buying electric vehicles? The answer might surprise you. Plus, BMW owners are mad at a new subscription and Facebook's newest chatbot hates Facebook. Also, you don't need to swipe your credit card to pay anymore. Just hold out your hand. After a machine scans your palm, you're good to go. Here's why you should be worried.

Get faster internet, text message tips, sue scam callers for $100,000

November 25, 2022
Do you get scam calls all the time? Here's how one guy used telemarketers to raise $100,000. Plus, the coolest new iPhone features, blocking third-party cookies and the best way to read a book on your phone. And a quick way to find specific pictures, keywords and more in your text messages.

Find PC spies, YouTube tricks, Google tracking scandal

November 24, 2022
Half of all macOS malware comes from this one app, Twitter will ditch the 280 character limit, Meta employees and security fired for hijacking user accounts, Google will pay a big settlement to 40 states for tracking locations, YouTube keyboard shortcuts you'll use all the time, smishing tips and why Ubers are getting more expensive.

AirPods as hearing aids, PayPal warning, Twitter alternatives

November 23, 2022
Got a messy photo gallery? Use these tricks to clean it up. Plus, the best Twitter alternatives, hidden privacy report for your phone, YouTube's new jingle, Google Maps update shows where EV stations are and an urgent Black Friday warning for shoppers with PayPal accounts. Also, Netflix now lets you cut off freeloaders and Apple AirPods can work as more affordable hearing aids.

ISPs caught lying, $400,000 naps, Apple iCloud redesign

November 22, 2022
Are you paying for premium internet plans? A new study says your download speeds aren't as fast as they should be. Plus, avoid the worst passwords, Apple's iCloud.com redesign, make $400,000 a year sleeping on TikTok and Apple's iPhone 14 satellite emergency SOS is finally live.

Massive crypto meltdown, Carvana crashes, schedule emails

November 21, 2022
Sick of scammers? Just sue them! Here's how. Plus, the secret to saving money on your streaming bills, how to schedule emails, tools to take screen breaks for your health, shocking smart thermostat research, Carvana's stock plummets and why the left is freaking out about Elon Musk.

Text without service, better flights, Starlink gotcha

November 17, 2022
In this 30-minute podcast, Apple is spending $450 million to enable emergency texts when you don’t have service. Plus, Starlink’s new data cap, Apple’s slick new free app and how to make long-haul flights more bearable. And take your guess at how many tech issues the average battles at work each week.

Holiday mail mistake, Taylor Swift hype, better holiday photos

November 17, 2022
The USPS is warning against one of the easiest ways to send a letter or gift. Why? Thieves are targeting holiday mail. Plus how Taylor Swift broke the internet, two smart new Windows tips and how to get better photos with your family.

Killer VR headset, Netflix flub, Zoom in the car

November 16, 2022
In this 30-minute podcast, a VR headset no one should wear. It can kill the wearer if they die in a game. Plus, Netflix’s ad-support tier doesn’t work on some devices, three streaming hits are back, take a Zoom call from your car and how to save money on your streaming bills. And find out if Kim can fool Judith in Brand New or Not True.
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