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Surgeon General's social media warning, Roku's hidden menu & Amazon palm scanner

May 26, 2023

Plus, step into an Amazon delivery mystery — a woman's tale of dozens of packages meant for a stranger. Also, say goodbye to flat social media photos with some great hacks. A heartwarming TikTok story, HBO's latest app and secrets to making a stellar online dating profile.

Carmakers ditch AM radio, professor's ChatGPT mishap & TSA face-scanning tech

May 25, 2023

Plus, phone buzzing all night? I talk to a guy that wants to turn off his notifications to sleep but still get calls from his kids. Also, safeguard your identity with username protection tips. Microsoft scans cloud files, gamer mom's trash-talking triumph and explore Harvard's free online classes. 

Data-hoarding free TV, HP printer ink sham & Apple's AI voice update

May 24, 2023

Plus, is your email lurking on the Dark Web? Find out using Google's new Gmail tool. I help a guy facing money laundering allegations after investing $20K in crypto. The subscriber secret to YouTube cashflow, cloud data safety and fast-track your travels with this mobile passport app.

Twitter's landmark legal win, FB revenge p*rn & ChatGPT iPhone app

May 23, 2023

Plus, Kai Kloepfer invented the smart gun. I talk to him about how it works and where all your data is stored. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman went to Congress, Temu's big privacy risks, key AI terms to know and signs your webcam is hacked.

Airplane crash for YouTube views, Apple's VR headset & laptop expiration dates

May 22, 2023

Plus, is your info safe with Amazon Clinic? I tell you why it's a privacy no-go. Also, I give my advice to a realtor dealing with an influx of spam calls. A shifty USPS employment scam, big dreams for Zuck's dead Metaverse and five ways to spot legit-looking scam websites.

Health apps exposing secrets, $2M IG influencer scam & Siri's triggering words

May 19, 2023

Plus, homeowners beware! There's a sneaky mortgage scam making the rounds. How one gal turned her side hustle doing the laundry into $24K a month, uncover your full Facebook comment history and the tech you never clean ... but really should.

Massive Peloton recall, WFH in bed & mosquito-attracting soap

May 18, 2023

Plus, spam-filled Gmail? I give my advice to a gal that wants to delete hers, without losing what’s tied to it. Stay alert: Zelle scamming teens, Fortnite in the Olympics and the truth about "unsent" texts. And think twice before clicking on these suspicious email subject lines.

TurboTax $141M settlement, Google I/O surprises & Amazon’s TikTok clone

May 17, 2023

Plus, are online sports bettors destined to lose money? Finance journalist Randall Smith shares his findings from a Wall Street Journal investigation. Also, save big on rideshares with my Uber vs. Lyft comparison. Discover the top-paying cybersecurity jobs, free finance calculators to manage debt and cloud storage options.

Space junk hitting Earth, cruise ship potty cam & how to purge your browser's dirty secrets

May 16, 2023

Plus, will ChatGPT take your job? I speak with Matt Schlicht, CEO of Octane AI and a leader in the chatbot space, about the future of AI in the workplace and how to get it to work for you. Child predators target kids' webcams, Hawaiian tourists' GPS blunder and make sure your security cam doesn't break the law.

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