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Steve Jobs resurrected with AI, shocking scam uses Uber drivers & urgent iCloud warning

March 24, 2023

Plus, Allie has a dire warning for Samsung and Pixel owners, Matt tells us how to remote help for free, make money writing wedding vows and speeches, and a hilarious joke to end it all!

Airbnb's guest chore lists, Fortnite's $245M settlement & find smartphone spies

March 23, 2023

Plus, phone, drone and a daring rescue — I talk to the man who did it all. Remember your old TV? It's part of a class-action lawsuit and I'll tell you how to get your slice of the action. Tesla app unlocks stranger's car, 3 apps for a healthier you, and my answer to this question: What's the safest way to store naked pictures of my wife?

eBay's dead bats, Venmo shares dirty little secrets & items Amazon won't let you return

March 22, 2023

Take an incredible pic of the moon on your Samsung phone? It might not be all you. Also, I share how Google's newly introduced "Magic Wand" tool will change the workplace. And want to fact-check news from home or earn real college credits on YouTube? I got you covered. Don't miss my guide to detecting GPS trackers in your car.

America's plan to ban TikTok, Ring Doorbell's nasty legal loophole & save $ on your internet bill

March 20, 2023

Plus, AI chatbots are here to take over the workforce. Here's my take on why it's not such a great idea. Why spend taxpayer dollars on cable when there's Starlink satellites already here? I also have the reason why the world still uses floppy disks, how to cool down your laptop when it overheats (pro tip: not in the freezer), the clever way to see who gets your email and surveys that can make you a ton of cash. 

'Scambaiting' w/ @TrilogyMedia, facial recognition hits US stores & 3 signs your printer is hacked

March 17, 2023

Plus, ChatGPT-4 will soon be everywhere, even in cars. But hold on, I'll explain why this may not be good news just yet. Also, watch out for Bluetooth skimmers at the self-checkout to protect your financial information. And I've got the scoop on earwax-sucking headphones, money-saving smart water devices, and why you should stop giving your phone's address book to apps.

ChatGPT's bias exposed, creeper cams in the men's room & CEO's sham medical implants

March 17, 2023

Plus, got a spy in your backseat? I list the top spots for hidden cams in your car. Dust off the record player - Matt shares why vinyl outsold CDs for 1st time in 36 years. Allie's got a neat trick on how to restart your phone with just your voice. And jumpstart your reselling business online with our pro guide. Get a headstart here komando.com/makemoney.

Bring a Trailer $1B car blog, Clever smart plug hacks & $10K/mo dream job travel blogging the world

March 16, 2023

Plus, I unleash the secrets to effortlessly bring your business online. Learn the ultimate hack to share grocery lists for events. But that's not all - get ready to capture breathtaking photos while hiking the Appalachian Trail with the ultimate photo gear recommendations. And wait, there's more - I've got puns that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter

$100K given to scammer, but woman remains unconvinced, 15 tech items you can score for free, and Google Drive porn predicament

March 15, 2023

Plus, you won't believe the shocking trend that's revolutionizing productivity - 'body doubling'! Get ready to amp up your work game. Test your tech knowledge with this week's trivia on epic failures. Plus, the disturbing truth about celebrity deepfake porn and why it should terrify you. And hold onto your seats for a miraculous drone rescue.

Cancer patients' naked photos leaked, TikToker steals widow's ashes, and Florida wants blogger's government registration

March 14, 2023

Plus, you won't believe which jobs are on the brink of extinction due to AI - teachers, brace yourselves! Get the latest scoop on the government's TikTok ban, exploding e-bikes, and the top tax scams spreading like wildfire. Plus, I'll spill the beans on the ultimate day to send your email newsletter for maximum impact!

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