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NyQuil chicken TikTok trend, Windows 11 update, elder fraud report

September 23, 2022
Do your kids or grandkids use TikTok? Don't let them near your chicken — they might try to marinate it with NyQuil! Plus, you can now ask Google to remove your personal data. Also, new Windows 11 features, scary elder fraud report, how to sell stuff online, Lockdown Mode for iPhones and iPads and things in your home that may be worth more than you think.

Stop Amazon spam, clean energy iPhones, 6 signs your phone is hacked

September 22, 2022
Get ready for an explosion of Amazon emails, 6 signs your phone has stalkerware, revolutionary new electric bar battery, clean energy charging for iPhones and how to book an airline seat with the most legroom. Plus, your state could get Comcast's new internet service and how an Uber Eats delivery robot crashed a crime scene.

GPS survival tip, sign digital docs, Google Photos update

September 21, 2022
Google updates Photos with redesigned Memories and a new collage editor, use your photos for a virtual clothing fit at Walmart, Keurig's new smart brewer makes a mind-blowing amount of coffee and how to get your real signature on digital docs. Plus, a rescue helicopter nearly abandoned a stranded man by mistaking his distress call.

How to handle a data breach, earn gift cards online, new security tips

September 20, 2022
Earn gift cards by searching the web, human trafficking scams and the funniest names people came up with for the new Uranus probe. Also, a quick fix for slow Wi-Fi, 3 ways to make sure Facebook isn't listening, 6 million people tracked this coffin and new iPhone and Android security features to turn on.

Sexting scandals, mouse jiggler work trick, aliens know where we are

September 19, 2022
Scientists are broadcasting Earth's location to aliens, YouTube keyboard shortcuts, 8 photos you need on your phone and the surprising things your phone can do when it's dead. Plus, a survey reveals shocking stats about nudes, how mouse jigglers trick bosses and a Verizon phone scam you need to watch out for.

Text search secret, get faster internet, iPhone security news

September 16, 2022
Do you get scam calls all the time? Here's how one guy used telemarketers to raise $100,000. Plus, the best new iPhone features, blocking third-party cookies and the best way to read a book on your phone. And a quick way to find specific pictures, keywords and more in your text messages.

Amazon police plans, flying taxis, robotic manicures

September 15, 2022
Get a $10 manicure from a robot, change this secret Google Maps setting and watch out for flying taxis. Plus, Amazon tests police stations as package pickup points, WFH jobs that pay $20/hour and YouTube will let creators offer paid video courses next year.

New Apple devices, Minecraft malware, phone privacy secrets

September 14, 2022
Are Apple's new gadgets worth the price? I've got the inside scoop on the iPhone 14, Apple Watch 8 and AirPods Pro. Plus, if you love Minecraft, watch out for this malware. Also, here's how to protect your phone number and make the most out of smart sprinklers.

Goodbye, Facebook, Biden chip plan, viral car thefts

September 13, 2022
Don't want someone to know you read their text? Just use these sneaky tricks. Plus, the White House reveals its $50 billion chip investment plan, the Facebook button is disappearing and a social media car stealing challenge to watch out for.
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