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Top 7 digital life hacks, credit report warning, new Zoom tricks

August 10, 2022
We've all been there. You want to buy something online ... but it's too expensive. That's why online sellers let you buy now and pay later. Beware: These incremental payments can hurt your credit. Plus, here's how to control Zoom with your hands, stop missing important emails and stop forgetting what you need at the store. You don't want to miss out on my top life hacks!

Unblockable spam texts, holographic medicine, spaghetti spy cans

August 9, 2022
Riddle me this: What does "Star Wars" have to do with your next doctor's visit? Depending on your doctor, you may start dealing with holographic house calls. I've got all the details. Plus, you won't believe the craziest spy cams I found. People are hiding cameras in toys, water bottles, hair ties and spaghetti cans! Also, I've got a few tips you can use to conquer spam texts that keep haunting you — even after you blocked them.

Jobs in danger, digital real estate, best browser games

August 8, 2022
In 2021, Facebook and Twitter employees spent 99% of their political donations on Democrats. Could that impact Big Tech bias? Here's my take. Plus, I'll tell you which jobs are most likely to be taken over by robots. If I mention your job, it's time to update your resume. Also, here's how you can make millions from the metaverse. Spoiler alert: You can buy digital real estate! Best of all, I've got a trick for whenever you have some free time: Open your browser and type these words to play famous games for free.

Delete these dangerous apps, scan with your phone, email mistake

August 5, 2022
Check your smartphone for 17 bad apps. They're stealing banking details. Plus, Amazon has a sneaky way of hiding new products from you and Google plans a battery-powered smart speaker. And you don't need a third-party app to scan; Allie will show you how. 

Ford helps police, another Prime Day, John McAfee's crazy crimes

August 4, 2022
Get ready for electric police chases, thanks to Ford's police partnership. I've got all the details, plus the inside scoop on leaked Amazon documents. Looks like we're getting another Prime Day! Also, you can now wear smart scarves to keep cool. My advice: Wear one while you watch Netflix's true crime story on John McAfee.

Tesla kills, VR love story, Gmail makeover

August 3, 2022
Do you have a Tesla? Don't trust Autopilot. One driver did – and his car killed a man. More tech news you need to know: Hackers are targeting your Office suite, Gmail is changing and how to NEVER miss an important call again.

Joe Rogan vs. TikTok, $400 million internet, scary legal trend

August 2, 2022
True or false: Judges are using Wikipedia to influence their legal decisions. Bad news: It's already happening. Plus, are you tired of fumbling around with your television’s remote control? Here's how to use your phone or tablet as a TV remote control. Also, Joe Rogan takes on TikTok, the U.S. pours $400 million into high-speed internet for rural areas and more unbelievable tech news.

Browser dangers, get paid to move, camping safety trick

August 1, 2022
Update your browser ASAP! Chrome, Edge and Safari just patched a dangerous flaw. If you don't act now, hackers could take over your computer. Plus, are your mortgage bills unaffordable? Move to one of THESE cities or towns. They'll actually pay you to relocate! I've got all the details plus a few life-saving tech tips in this episode. You don't want to miss out on this!

New Google Maps features, Windows hack, video camera tricks

July 29, 2022
Hackers breached Twitter. This could put your whole digital world in danger. Plus, Google Maps is rolling out three new features that will change your future trips forever. Also, you'll get insider Windows tips plus a few video camera tricks. We're also taking you inside the FTC's battle with fake reviews along with Meta's fight to get rid of "leap seconds."
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