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Kim's Tech Picks: High-tech vacuums, Air purifiers, Digital cameras, and more

I love shopping! But, what I love even more is finding great deals. That's why I've rounded up some of my favorite tech picks for you and your family.
Amazon same-day delivery

Amazon announces its Black Friday deals

Just because Amazon doesn't have (many) brick-and-mortar stores doesn't mean it can't get in on great Black Friday deals. The online retail giant has just…
Happening Now: Online Shopping November 18, 2015

10 useful ways to repurpose your old cellphone

A smartphone is really just a computer. It’s smaller, of course, and many things are less convenient than a regular desktop. But smartphones have powerful features, and once you’ve upgraded to a better model, you may wonder what to do with all that valuable hardware. After all, the phone may have been state-of-the-art when you bought it. Why let such a miraculous tool go to waste?
Columns: Smartphones
May 20, 2018

5 best home gadgets you need in your house

It doesn't matter where you live or how fancy your home is, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your dwelling. It just takes a little elbow grease and know-how to make your dream home a reality. That's why you need to know the five best home gadgets you need in your house.

What's in and out of Netflix in January

Is your Netflix queue getting a bit stale? You'll be glad to hear there are some exciting additions coming up in January. From family films to comedies and even some classics, I know which videos I'll be streaming on Netflix. Here's a roundup of what's on its way in, and what's on its way out in January.
Happening Now: TV/Cable/Streaming December 15, 2017

Check your phone for malware and bad downloads lurking in your apps

We're constantly warning you to not download apps from third-party stores. With stringent safety protocols, it's more secure to get apps from the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, that isn't 100 percent true anymore. Sometimes, you will see fake notifications trying to trick you into downloading and installing other apps.
Tips: Fraud/Security/Privacy November 30, 2017

What’s in and out of Netflix in February

Another month has come and gone. Which means, there are new shows coming to your favorite streaming service. Netflix is adding some exciting new titles, but others will be gone come February. I've got a list of what's coming and going this month.
Happening Now: TV/Cable/Streaming January 31, 2017

CES 2017 Wrap up - Which products stole the show?

The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show is winding down to an end, but there have been some incredible products! From TVs to cars to routers that do it all, these are the top products that stood out from the crowd.

My streaming picks: 15 great things to watch this weekend

The one thing everyone has trouble with is trying to figure out what to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and all the other streaming sites out there. That's why every week, I put together a list of the titles you don't want to miss. I've gone through the new releases and hand-picked shows and movies I think you'll love.
Tips: Home/Lifestyle/Travel September 28, 2016

13 camping gadgets you'll love to have with you

The holiday weekend is almost here! But don’t head out camping until you read this article. I’ve got a list of gadgets that make the great outdoors more enjoyable. Trust me, you won’t want to leave home without them.
Tips: Home/Lifestyle/Travel
July 1, 2016