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Quick tip: Find out how much storage is remaining on your Mac or PC

Back in the day, hard drives had severely limited storage space. Now, we’re spoiled with multi-terabyte hard drives that can store endless movies and programs. While that’s super convenient, it can also make us a little complacent.

In other words, we may not closely monitor our computer’s storage. Over time, you can fill it to the gills. You only find out you have no more room when you download something and get the dreaded “no space left” message.

That’s why you should check your Mac or PC periodically. Luckily, it’s easy; follow these simple steps. This tip is brought to you by our sponsor, Dell.

How to check your disk space on a Windows computer

First, open File Explorer to ensure your computer doesn’t run out of room. You can either hit the folder icon in the taskbar or use this keyboard shortcut: Windows key + E.

Next, click This PC. There, under Devices and drives, you’ll see your Windows PC.

This will tell you how much space you have accessible. For instance, in the screenshot below, I have 143 GB free:

Find out how much storage your Mac has

Save yourself time in the future by turning on the Finder’s status bar. This gives you an overview of your disk space at all times. Handy!

To set this up, you want to open a Finder window. From there, tap on View. Next, select Show status bar. Now, when you go to a folder, like your Desktop, you will see the available storage space at the bottom of the window.

Another way to check your storage is by hitting the Apple icon, then About This Mac. Choose the Storage tab to see how much space you have available.

Some computers are better than others

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