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Tech Refresh: Travel scams return, military jetpacks, stimulus warning

March 19, 2021
As the COVID vaccine rolls out, travel-related searches are booming. Scammers have caught on and Allie has details on what to watch out for. The Pentagon's research agency opened up bids for tech that sounds an awful lot like superhero gear, and Netflix says no more password sharing. Plus, as the next round of stimulus payments roll out, a quick warning to protect your wallet.
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Right to Repair: The fight to fix our own tech

March 16, 2021
Farmers have always been ready to jump into the dirt and fix their tools. But over the past few decades, tractors and other farm gadgets have complex software that’s hard to decode. The same has happened with our computers, phones, appliances and just about any other tech you can think of. In this episode, Kim dives into the nitty-gritty world of repair politics. Do we really own our tech if we can’t fix it? Are large manufacturers monopolizing the right to repair? Kim talks to Gay Gordon-Byrne, a consumer rights advocate at the heart of this debate, as well as a farmer on the front lines.
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