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She passed away. Then he turned her into an AI chatbot

August 12, 2021
When tragedy struck, Joshua Barbeau decided to cope with the death of his girlfriend by creating an AI chatbot based on her personality. In this episode, Kim sits down with him as well as developer Jason Rohrer, who created an AI program you can use to create your own personalized chatbots for just $5. It’s creepy and insanely fascinating at the same time.
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Tech Refresh: X-rated email scam, FBI's secret spy phones, tech life hacks

August 6, 2021
The FBI busted criminals using a secret app to communicate their nefarious deeds. The biggest surprise here is how they did it. X-rated emails are one of scammers' favorite ways to get your info. Plus, the team dives into tech productivity hacks to make life easier.
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